If These 26 Products Won’t Make You Organized, Nothing Will

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I recently moved out of the home that I spent the first 23 years of my life in —that meant going through 23 years' worth of accumulated stuff. After that experience, I picked up a bunch of products to stay organized, promising myself to keep things neat and tidy going forward.

Now that my new apartment is filled with genius products from Amazon for getting organized, I have to say, things are a lot less stressful. Opening my closet doesn't prompt an avalanche, I can find that exact scarf I'm looking for, and my bathroom sink is, well, an actual sink (rather than a storage bowl for my blow dryer and brushes).

Here's my theory: If these products don't make you organized, nothing will. Organization isn't so much about personality as it is about having the right tools. If you have a closet with no shelves, drawers, or hooks, everything will end up in a heap on the floor, whether you're neat or not. If everything has a set place, however, you'll be way more likely to keep things in order. So here are 26 of the best organization products around, to ensure that every closet, drawer, and cabinet looks like something out of a Container Store catalog.

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