I Infused Magic Into My Daily Routines & It Helped Me Escape My Moody Slump

by Minerva Siegel

Do you ever go through little periods of time when you’re just not feeling yourself? Days seem to drag on, creative blocks are in full effect, and you’re just a little crabbier than usual? I noticed last week that, lately, my energy had been feeling heavy. Maybe the recent planetary retrogrades are to blame, maybe it’s the changing of the seasons, or maybe it was just hormones acting up. Whatever the cause, I knew I needed to shake off the bummer energy, so I hatched a plan. I spent a week trying self-care spells and putting magical intent behind everything I did. No part of my self-care routine went without a magic touch. Everything from my makeup, to my laundry, to heading to a therapy session got the magic treatment.

I’m happy to report that all my hard work paid off. Now I’m feeling inspired, invigorated, and full of a deep, comfortable self-love. I'm also surprised at how easy it was to add a bit of extra witchcraft into my everyday routine; even paying a little extra attention to my sleep routine helped round out my mystical experiment. Here’s how I used magic to shake off bad vibes and charm some pep back into my step.

“Sorry, I Can’t, I Have To Charge My Makeup!”

I wear makeup every day, and I charge my cosmetics weekly with crystals to make sure that I’m wearing good vibes wherever I go. Makeup goes directly onto skin and gets into our very pores, so charging it with good vibes feels particularly effective and intimate. To decide which crystals to use, I start by thinking about the week ahead. If I have a lot of work to do, I choose crystals that are great for promoting concentration and focus, like carnelian and aragonite. If I have big social events coming up, I select crystals that aid in creating harmonious communication, like sodalite or amethyst. If I’m not sure what my week ahead has in store for me, clear quartz is my go-to crystal, because it hooks me up with ready-for-anything, balanced, positive vibes.

After I’ve selected the crystals I’m going to use to charge my makeup, I cleanse the cosmetic products energetically by burning sage or palo santo and letting the smoke lightly waft over them. Then, when the space intuitively feels ready, I lay out the chosen crystals among my cosmetics and let them do their thing overnight. The next morning, as I sit down at my vanity to do my makeup, I feel energized, empowered, and ready to tackle the week ahead. This magical ritual felt like a great start to my week of self-care spells.

Do Bad Vibes Get Laundered In The Washing Machine, Too?

Photo by Minerva Siegel

Some people believe that objects can hold residual energy, sort of like memories. If this is true, the clothing we wear surely holds onto the vibes we put out and receive on any given day, because we spend the whole day interacting with it. Thinking about this made me wonder: Do a day’s bad vibes get laundered clean in the washing machine, too? Or is the dress I wore last Wednesday when I was PMSing and crabby still full of that negative energy?

I decided to come up with a plan to spiritually launder my clothing as self-care. I thought the best way to do this would be to enchant my laundry products, and to cleanse my clothing closets with sage smoke. I intuitively created my own little spell to enchant my bottles of Woolite and dryer sheets to make sure my clothing gets totally clean — physically and spiritually. I grabbed some sage and selenite, and wrote a quick incantation:

Sage and sticks of selenite, wash away bad vibes like Woolite. Purify all my clothes, please launder a long day’s woes!

A little cheesy, but it will do, I thought. I said it aloud three times while passing selenite over my laundry products. Then, I lit the sage until it was smoking steadily. I put it in a little dish and took it to my walk-in clothing closets. I made sure to waft the smoke into every corner of each closet to energetically cleanse the clothing within. Ta-da! Now, I have fresh clothes that are extra clean, both physically and metaphysically.

A Simple Affirmation Spell

Photo by Minerva Siegel

Bay leaf spells are very common in witchy circles. Some people write a spell’s intention on a bay leaf, then burn it, bury it, or throw it into a lake, river, or ocean. I chose to make up my own spell with the intent of manifesting happy vibes, as self-care. First, I went to get a bay leaf from my pantry, and realized I was out of them. So, I improvised. I found a pretty little leaf on the ground outside while on a walk with my mastiff, and decided to use it as a bay leaf substitute.

To start things off, I held the leaf and focused on the intent of my spell. A quick little incantation came to mind, so I said aloud,

Happiness is what I need. I banish sadness, may it leave!

I visualized sadness and the bummer vibes I’d been rocking pouring out of me and into the leaf. I used a permanent marker to write the word “sadness” on it, and then buried it in the ground to finalize the spell. I felt a lot better after this little spell. Banishing sadness left me in a great state of mind to prepare for my usual therapy appointment, which happened to be the next day.

Using Mystic Merlinite To Dig Deeper In My Therapy Session

Photo by Minerva Siegel

Let’s be real: We all have behaviors and parts of our psyches that could use some improvement. Bubble baths and manicures are great, but a big, less-Instagrammable part of my self-care includes bettering myself in less tangible ways. Indigo gabbro is a stone that goes by the trade name mystic merlinite. It’s known to help with processing old traumas and negative feelings. The primitive part of us that acts instinctively, exhibits negative behaviors and holds onto toxic social conditioning is sometimes called the shadow self. Recognizing, addressing, and working on the shadow self is an essential part of self-care. Mystic merlinite can help draw out the shadow self so we can address it. I bought a piece of mystic merlinite off of Etsy, and it arrived just in time for a therapy session. After passing it through sage smoke to cleanse it, I brought it with me to my therapy appointment. I hoped its energy would help me open up and dig deeper into myself to aid in my healing and growth.

Mission accomplished; I ended up having a very productive therapy session that left me feeling emotionally raw and a little vulnerable, but great. When I got home, I made sure to cleanse the mystic merlinite by placing it on a selenite slab. Its energy felt heavy and dark after helping me drudge up and process a whole bunch of deep feelings, but the selenite cleanse brought its vibes back to neutral. After doing so much intense self-care work, I was due for a treat. The time had come to conjure up self-love and finally restore peaceful, loving vibes. The solution? I decided that the next day’s self-care spell would involve classical music, rose petals, and a luxurious bubble bath.

Indulging In A Luxe Bath For Self-Love

Photo by Minerva Siegel

To help conjure up some radical self-love, I took a magical bath that left me feeling amazing inside and out. I started by setting up my record player on the bathroom counter and putting on some sweet, sweet Tchaikovsky. Then, I gathered rose petals, a bunch of candles, moisturizing bath salts, sage, and crystals that give off calming, loving vibes, like amethyst and rose quartz. I drew a hot bath, lit candles around the bath and on the counter, lined the bathtub with crystals, and poured bath salts into the water. I cleansed the bathroom energetically by burning sage, and then climbed into the tub.

As I sprinkled rose petals around myself, I recited an incantation I’d thought of earlier:

I am worthy, I am kind. With this bath, I aim to find self-love, sweet peace, and understanding. Loving vibes are what I’m demanding!

I closed my eyes while relaxing in the bath and visualized pink, loving energy engulfing me and filling the room. After luxuriating for a while, I wanted something to end the spell with, so I said aloud,

I bind the voice inside my head that tells me I’m nothing. I won’t be misled! I banish that bully who says I’m unworthy. Imbue me with love and positivity!

Eventually, I stepped out of the bath with fresh, soft skin and a fresh, soft heart.

Charmed Life

Photo by Minerva Siegel

After my ritual bath, I felt calm, peaceful, and kind, but I still needed a little pick-me-up. I want happiness to radiate around me wherever I go. So, I decided to charm a necklace with happy vibes, as self-care. I wrote a simple spell to enchant my necklace with positive energy.

I gathered a white candle, a clear quartz point to direct energy, and crystals and herbs associated with happiness, such as white willow bark, marjoram, citrine, rose quartz, and petals fresh from a carnation. I also found The Sun card in a tarot deck, because it embodies success, good luck, and lasting happiness, and placed it on my desk, where I’d perform the spell.

I started by gathering the ingredients, lighting the candle, and focusing on the intent of my spell while holding the necklace. When I felt ready, I pointed the clear quartz point away from the spell ingredients and toward me, to amplify and direct their energy. I came up with a quick incantation to say three times while holding the necklace.

I fill this necklace with happy energy, magic, light and joie de vivre. Negativity from it I ban! Let it always remind me just who I am!

I meditated with the necklace for a bit while visualizing overwhelmingly happy energy flowing into the necklace. After a while, when it intuitively felt full and charmed, I ended the spell by saying,

This necklace, charmed with energy, radiates brilliant positivity! Keep me happy through and through. I hereby love and enchant you!

I kissed the necklace to seal the spell and blew out the candle. Now, the necklace is fully charged with magical intent. I love it even more now. It reminds me to always look on the bright side, and keeps me happy in my power.

Sweet Dreams As Self-Care

Photo by Minerva Siegel

Restful, deep sleep is totally an essential part of self-care, so for my final night of self-care spells, I decided to do a spell that would bring me sweet dreams. My good friend Kit Bone is a professional witch, and she wrote and gave me the spell I used to summon a good night’s sleep.

I gathered a white candle, sage, a small bowl, paper and a pen, raw amethyst for calming energy, rose petals for loving vibes, fresh daisy petals for happiness, and a pinch of eucalyptus leaves for energetic protection. I started by burning sage, letting the gentle smoke purify the air. I then assembled the items in the bowl while saying aloud words Kit gave me,

Amethyst for a good night’s sleep, roses for self-love, daisies for dreams so sweet, eucalyptus for protection from above.

On a piece of paper, I wrote the spell incantation Kit came up with,

When I lay me down to rest, this wish I hold within my breast/That peacefully I may sleep, and as I explore the hidden the deep, the dreams I find there will be sweet/Sweet to feel and sweet to see! Please, dream world, be sweet to me!

I lit the candle and said the spell aloud three times, then folded the paper and placed it in the bowl. I placed the bowl in front of the candle to energetically charge.

While the bowl was charging with the candle’s magical energy, I occupied myself with bedtime self-care. I went through my skincare routine, did a face mask, and brushed my pearly whites. When I was ready for bed, I blew out the candle and let three drops of wax spill into the bowl to seal the spell. I kept the charmed bowl beside my bed all night, and while I don’t remember the dreams I had, I woke up in a great mood, feeling very well-rested and ready for the day. Success!

After a whole week of self-care spells, I'm now cured of my emotional slump. I feel energized and ready for whatever the future holds. A lot of time and work went into all the spells, but it was worth it. I'm free of my creative block, and I feel like the sun has come out again in my life. So, the next time you're feeling a little down in the doldrums, consider a spell to conjure up some self-love, or maybe enchant a talisman as self-care. Doing a week of self-care spells helped me to remember and harness the magic in me, and that, my dears, is totally invaluable.