Christine Quinn and her iconic outfit on Netflix's 'Selling Sunset'
I Recreated 8 Christine Quinn Looks From 'Selling Sunset' & Am Forever Changed


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While there are so many beautiful things to look at on Selling Sunset (The mansions! The cars! The realtors!), there's one component of the show that captivates fans over everything else: Christine Quinn's iconic style. The 31-year-old's bold and unapologetic fashion choices continue to shock and awe audiences with each passing season, and underscore the fabulous confidence she seems to constantly exude. In hopes of channeling those vibes, I tried dressing like Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset and let me tell you, I may never be the same.

As a full-time writer who has worked from home for the past four years, getting ready for the day involves splashing some water on my face and plopping onto the couch with my laptop. TBH, I'm lucky if I change out of my pajamas. So, the notion of dressing like Quinn sounded daunting at best and impossible at worst. The fashion icon goes all-out in her everyday attire, incorporating eye-catching colors, artful accessories, and movie star-worthy makeup in almost every look. Still, as a lifelong lover of dressing up (even if I've been out of practice as of late), I hoped taking a page from the Oppenheim Group agent's style would give me a fresh surge of confidence.

In order to pull off some of her most iconic looks, I dug deep into my closet for my boldest pieces, sifted through my huge costume chest, and purchased a few very Quinn-esque pieces on Amazon. The result? Some looks I think the queen of daring outfits would be proud of.

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The Glam
Courtesy of Rachel Varina

Prior to putting on a fashion show for my confused husband and dogs, I needed to get majorly made up. Quinn is not only known for her clothing choices, but for her full-glam beauty route as well. “I do all of my own makeup unless it’s an interview look, and I pride myself on that," she told Page Six in May. "I love being creative and for me, it’s just so fun,”

The reality star told Entertainment Tonight she spends $1,000 daily on hair and makeup, which is something I wasn't willing to do for this experiment. I was, however, down for something a little lower budget, so I dusted off my makeup kit and bought some press-on nails.

My bold lip and red talons (both of which I messed up before I was even done taking pics for the 'gram), might not have been as bougie as Quinn's glam routine, but still, it felt pretty good to get all dolled up.

The Hair
Courtesy of Rachel Varina

Quinn's hairstyles are an integral part of her ensembles. In some looks, she lets her long blonde hair flow free (which was easy enough for me to replicate). Another of her go-tos is the power pony. “Every time I have a high ponytail, I always feel like I’m ready to stir up some sh*t, like I’m ready for the day,” she said to Page Six. As someone who's also a fan of a good extension moment (yup, Quinn's very extra ponies are also very fake), I was pumped to grab my Insert Name Here ponies and incorporate them into the looks I was emulating.

Look 1: Pinstripe Suit
Courtesy of Rachel Varina / Netflix

One of the first outfits I was really eager to rock was Quinn's white pinstripe suit seen in Season 2. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a suit with this exact pattern that was in my budget, but when I came across a plaid version, I was amazed by the resemblance. This look was the definition of "professionally edgy" and instantly made me feel like a boss. Plus, the set I bought is made of super comfy, stretchy material that isn't unlike the athleisure I wear on the reg. I paired it with some glittery block heels and shades and said things like, "Why spend your own money when you can spend someone else’s money?" as I threw the Amazon boxes away.

While the full getup might be too much for my everyday attire, I'll absolutely toss on the jacket with some jeans when I'm looking to pull off an effortlessly chic vibe.

Look 2: Pink & Orange
Courtesy of Rachel Varina

It's no secret Quinn is a fan of bright colors, especially reds, oranges, and pinks. Taking her popular color-blocking method as inspo, I grabbed a pink peplum dress and a bright orange jacket from my closet and paired them with her iconic butterfly pony.

While this hairstyle involved more than just popping on a ponytail extension (I had to create the look before putting in on, and then tucked my real hair into it), it was still easier and less time consuming than curling my hair (and it looked way more impressive). Plus, I felt like something straight out of a Lisa Frank dream.

Overall, I loved the mix of colors and how the professional dress and jacket complemented the sassy pony, so you can bet you'll see this look again on my Insta and IRL.

Look 3: BDSM Barbie
Courtesy of Rachel Varina / Netflix

As an eternal lover of Halloween, my closet is full of lacy black pieces and chunky gothic chokers, which is why I couldn't pass up the chance to pull inspo from Quinn's engagement party outfit from Season 2. It's definitely not something I'd wear to, say, my in-laws' house, but the lingerie-inspired look made me feel like the definition of sexy, and I could absolutely see myself flaunting it at a moody nightclub.

Though I didn't have a zebra to pose with, I settled for trying to snatch a photo op next to my dogs (even though using their leash as a prop was misleading, since there was a 0% chance I was going to walk them around the block in this getup).

Look 4: Brunch Chic
Courtesy of Rachel Varina / Netflix

While my brunch look usually involves a hoodie and big bags under my eyes, Quinn's "casual" dining style is a little more refined. A giant felt hat, oversized sunnies, and a fluffy jacket makes this 'fit incognito yet also flashy at the same time. Though this was the simplest to pull off out of all the ensembles I tried out, it still felt so glam.

Since I live in Florida, I would be miserable wearing this jacket most months out of the year, but it's definitely something I plan to rock when the weather turns cooler. Not only does it scream "bring me a pitcher of mimosas now," but it's just as easy to pull off as my usual hoodie-up lewk.

Look 5: Red Hot
Courtesy of Rachel Varina / Netflix

Red, the classic color of bold babes and HBICs, is my favorite thing to wear when I want to feel extra self-assured. So, it came as no surprise that it's a favorite of Quinn's too. Copying her monochromatic getup from Season 2 (when she apologized to fellow agent Mary Fitzgerald over some bachelorette party drama) was a breeze because I already had most of the pieces in my bad b*tch repertoire. I did, however, purchase a pair of red heart sunglasses to complete my look.

While the Converse might have been a slight deviation from Quinn's style, my lack of Louboutins made the choice not only necessary, but also much more comfortable.

Look 6: Black & White
Courtesy of Rachel Varina

Even when Quinn's looks are "normal," they're still a lot, which is what makes her style so exciting. While I didn't have the exact checkered dress seen on her Instagram, I do have plenty of other black and white options to pull off a similarly sassy and sophisticated look.

After pairing my plaid minidress with a white fluffy jacket I purchased years ago on a whim, I quickly decided this outfit will be repeated time and time again. Not only was it comfy, but also, it could easily be dressed up or down, depending on the shoes and accessories.

Look 7: Neon Green Pop
Courtesy of Rachel Varina / Netflix

One of the most memorable looks Quinn graces viewers with was her neon ensemble from Season 3, Episode 1. She walked into the office like it was any other day, but instead of her usual pop of pink or red, her outfit was mostly comprised of lime green pieces. Not so shockingly, I had approximately zero articles of neon green clothing in my wardrobe, but since this was the look that stuck out to me most throughout the series, I had to copy it, which involved some deep Amazon digging.

I paired a green kilt (which will absolutely be repurposed on St. Patrick's day) with a pair of green heels I already owned, some matching sunnies (because Quinn's outfit is never complete without shades), and an old black bodysuit.

While the outfit definitely felt more like a costume than something I'd wear to... well, anywhere, the luminous hue low-key made me feel like I had the power of a Marvel villain. I'm not sure whether that's good or bad, but it definitely made an impression, and isn't that the point of fashion?

Look 8: Pink Latex
Courtesy of Rachel Varina

As a proud curvy girl, I've always stayed away from the wet latex look for one reason: I didn't think I'd be able to pull it off. Like, literally — I didn't think I'd be able to pull the constricting fabric onto my body, let alone take it off. Still, Quinn's Barbie-inspired 'fit is all over her Insta, so I needed to at least try to make it happen.

After reading a ton of Amazon reviews, I finally found a dress that I thought might work, and I bought it two two sizes larger than my normal one just to be sure. Much to my surprise, not only did it zip with no problem, but it also hugged my curves in all the right places.

While my hubby said he was "so confused" by this look, the slippery latex gave me a huge boost of confidence. Will I wear it grocery shopping? Probably not. But will I slip it on before a night out at the bar? Abso-freaking-lutely.

Final Thoughts
Courtesy of Rachel Varina

I went into this experiment thinking it was simply an excuse to get some good Instagram content (and have a mini shopping spree). However, I walked away from it with newfound confidence, inspiration, and a reminder that I don't need to take myself — or my fashion choices — too seriously.

Channeling Quinn also made me realize there's no right or wrong way to be myself. There's no rule that says I have to stick with one style when there are so many looks out there that represent who I am — and that look damn good on me. You only get one life; wear the latex dress.

Victoria Warnken/Elite Daily