I Took Myself Out To Dinner & It Was One Of The Best Dates I've Ever Been On

by Ciara Johnson
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Treating yourself to a dinner date just might be one of the most empowering, liberating experiences you could ever have. It can be easy to focus on spending all of your free time with friends and family, but time spent alone is equally as important, and shouldn't be overlooked. When you spend time alone, it gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself on a much deeper level. I personally love spending time alone, and it's definitely helped me grow into the woman I am today. In fact, I took myself out to dinner, and it was one of the best dates I've ever been on.

I learned a long time ago how necessary it is to spend quality time with myself — "me time," if you will. I always enjoyed shopping alone and even going to the movies alone, but eating at a restaurant by myself felt a bit weird. One day, I decided to go for it, and treating myself to dinner is now one of my favorite pastimes. Once I got over that awkward feeling of walking into a restaurant and asking for a table for one, I realized that it was exactly what my mind, body, and soul needed.

I Truly Savored Every Single Bite
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I'll be the first to admit that I talk way too much when I got to dinner with friends. We usually grab dinner to catch up, and by the time I finish telling them a story, my dinner is cold. This makes it difficult to truly focus on the food and enjoy it to the fullest.

When I took myself out to dinner, I had the opportunity to savor every single bit of it. I enjoyed every bite of my desert and every drop of wine. There was no rush or conversation to be had, so I took the time to be completely present and truly appreciate the food in front of me.

I Overcame A Fear
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Meals are seen as a shared experience, so it can be intimidating walking into a restaurant all by yourself, with groups of people laughing and talking around you. From my own experience, it initially felt a bit awkward. However, once I got over my own hang-ups, it became clear that nobody was paying attention to me or judging me for being alone.

It felt extremely liberating asking for a table for one, and sitting down by myself. I stopped worrying about other people's perception, and enjoyed this precious time to myself. I was able to fully relax and unwind.

By the time I finished my meal, I was proud that I conquered this fear of mine. I knew then that this wouldn't be my last solo dinner.

I Enjoyed My Own Company
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This dinner date was a special chance for me to be alone without any distractions, and I really enjoyed it. I even brought a journal to write down some of my thoughts and feelings about recent thoughts in my life.

After getting over my initial fears, I realized that I was actually enjoying dinner by myself. I didn't feel like anyone or anything was missing, either. Eating dinner alone turned out to be the self-care and self-love that I needed in my life, and I'm so happy I did it.