I Made These 10 Changes So Far In My 20s & I Couldn't Be Happier

I'm 26, so it's safe to say I'm a little over halfway done with this decade. I've come face-to-face with challenges I didn't think existed, and I stumbled upon my forever person in a class I didn't need. I've learned that during these years, self-growth is at an all-time high, so I made these changes so far in my 20s — and I'm such a better person because of them.

I tend to skip down Memory Lane a lot. When I think about the woman I used to be in my early 20s, I'm baffled by how much I've endured and overcome since then. There are times when I wish I knew what I do now back then, but I end up telling myself, "Everything happens for a reason." It's mottos like this that have guided me through this iconic decade. (In fact, I read a handful of uplifting quotes before noon each day.)

In my opinion, your 20s is a like a huge ocean. If you don't devise your strategy to stay afloat, you'll over-exhaust yourself. You're also at the will of changing currents, so adaptability needs to be your go-to superpower. Change is beginning to be my mentor, and I'm glad I applied it in these 10 ways.

I Make It A Point To Unplug

I have about four different email addresses. I'm also on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. I'm plugged the heck in, and it can pull me in a lot of opposing directions. I definitely dedicate some time in my schedule to unplug, especially when I'm in the company of others or enjoying a meal.

I Ask My Parents For Advice

I used to be hesitant to ask my parents for advice, because I didn't want them to think I wasn't "growing up." Now, I seriously ask for their advice on so much, and they are always eager to help. I'll never stop looking up to them or needing them in my life.

I Practice JOMO

I know your 20s can be full of the fear of missing out, but I practice the contrary. By partaking in the joy of missing out, I set my own pace and I'm not stressing out trying to keep up with everyone else's version of fun. I'm content as can be.

I Don't Try To Be Perfect At Everything

I'm a relentless perfectionist in all aspects of my life, but I'm working on it. I've learned that I'm not destined to be amazing or perfect at everything. I'm only human, and not a robot.

I Meditate

My mind is constantly racing, and meditation makes me pump the breaks and find peace. I need that quiet time to counteract those thoughts one by one. In my world, the mind is a terrible thing to race and waste.

I Don't Put My Mental Health On The Back Burner

I don't overlook my mental health as something that will figure itself out. I pay attention to how I feel and how I'm interacting with other people. This is the number one thing I am happy I applied change to.

I Exercise My Passions More

I'm a foodie, wino, and passionate poet. I make time to dive into all of these categories, because they genuinely bring me happiness. And when I have all three at once? I basically have box seats on cloud nine.

I Continue To Mind My Own Business

I don't mean this in a harsh way, but with the way social media is set up, some people try to be up in everyone's business. I get it, but I don't entertain ideas like that. I worry about my own stage and not what's going on behind the curtains of other people's lives.

I Don't Stress The Little Things

Control is something I struggle with. I try to have a handle on every single situation, and I started to stress when small things didn't go according to plan. Learning to let things flow naturally has been such a relief.

I Don't Read Into Things Too Much

I was the dissecting queen at one point in my life. I used to think one-word text messages meant I needed to be like Nicolas Cage in National Treasure and decode the puzzle. I read too into things that were so simple, and complicated the heck out of them. I'm a problem solver, but I'm leaving the full-on detective business to Nancy Drew.