I Got Past Life Regression Hypnosis & Visited Previous Lives I Never Knew Existed

by Valerie Mesa

The quote, "I'll see you in another life, when we're both cats," is one of my favorite movie lines of all time, but what if it's true? What if we have in fact lived more than one life, with more than one Vanilla Sky? This is something that I've long wondered, so much so that when I was offered past life regression hypnosis, I knew this was my moment to truly immerse myself in the experience — and hopefully get some answers to questions I've always had.

For my hypnosis, I visited Bodhi Wellness Miami, which is basically a mystical plethora of some of my favorite things: hypnotherapy, past life regressions, reiki and energy clearing, yoga, sound bowl healing, money mindset, breath work, and more. My hypnotherapist Patty Fuenzalida, aka “Mama Shaman,” is the founder and CEO of Bodhi Wellness, and I feel very fortunate to have met her. It turns out, through the hypnosis I discovered I have lived not just one — but many, many lives throughout my journey as a spiritual being. I am being sincere when I say that this experience was both incredibly powerful and life-changing. So much so, that I'm about to reveal every bit of this magical moment with you all, from start to finish.

Welcome To Bodhi Wellness

Bodhi Wellness Miami

Immediately, as I walked in the door, Fuenzalida offered me some chamomile tea. Her timing was honestly impeccable, as I was feeling a little stressed out that day. My grandmother used to give me chamomile tea whenever I was feeling stressed growing up; it immediately soothes my stomach nerves and helps me feel better. Granted, it's always polite to offer someone something to drink, but it felt like Fuenzalida was in-tune with my stress, or could at least sense it in some way.

Therapy Room

Bodhi Wellness Miami

After a quick tour of Bodhi, I sipped on my tea and followed Fuenzalida to yet another cozy space, which she referred to as her therapy room, before we began the session.

Once I sat down, Fuenzalida handed me a pair of magical goggles. OK, so they're not really goggles per se, but something most definitely changed the minute I put these babies on. The goggles looked like a pair of sunglasses, but instead of blocking the sun light, they actually had tiny lights attached to the lenses, facing my eyes. Fuenzalida mentioned that they were designed specifically for meditation purposes, in order to help the user relax.

Procyon AVS System Light and Sound Meditation Mind Machine

Bodhi Wellness Miami

Granted, I know this looks like a cassette player, but it's actually called a MindPlace Procyon, which is a meditation mind machine. Once I put the MindPlace glasses on, Fuenzalida quickly pressed a few buttons, and adjusted the settings. That's when I finally sat back in the therapy chair, and began getting comfortable.

I remember seeing the lights flickering behind my eyes (through the magic goggles) when I heard Fuenzalida say that the colors and blinking would soon fade away, and they did. As I closed my eyes and surrendered to this one-of-a-kind-experience, Fuenzalida began guiding me deeper into meditation, and I started feeling more relaxed. She asked me to acknowledge the sounds I heard in the room, and in the midst of my deep breaths, I heard really low music playing in the background, the sound of the clock ticking, and at one point, I remember hearing the cars driving by below us, as we were sitting by the window of her penthouse in the heart of Coral Gables, Miami. I totally succumbed and let Fuenzalida's voice be my guide.

I kept breathing profoundly, in and out, and at one point, I remember tears started to fall down my cheeks

The meditation started getting deeper as I envisioned myself walking through the Bodhi hallways looking around, acknowledging the sounds, and infinite feels. That's when Fuenzalida asked me to switch my attention over to my sense of smell and to focus on the scent of the room and my clothes. We then switched over to my sense of touch, and the temperature in the room. While my eyes were closed, Fuenzalida asked me to hold onto one of her stones, and as I clenched it in my right hand, I began feeling myself dose off into the universal realm of all that is. I kept breathing profoundly, in and out, and at one point, I remember tears started to fall down my cheeks, but I continued to breathe. I guess my physical self was feeling the transition, and perhaps tried to resist? Fuenzalida's voice immediately brought me comfort, as she reminded me to keep breathing.

I kid you not, once I shed those tears, my breath immediately felt smoother and weightless. It's as if we really removed things in order for me to flow through. My heartbeat echoed my breath, and it was a feeling of deep serenity. She then placed her hand over my chest, right over my heart, and I felt this immediate comfort. That's when she said:

Now, you're going to let yourself sink into relaxation. We're going to give this body a break. Every breath is just a little slower, and a little bit longer than the one before it. Valerie, it really is easy for you to relax. You've done this so many times before. You've been doing this since you were a kid.

I have to say, people weren't kidding when they said, "the only way out is through." The below is a play by play of the visions I had, and all the places I visited, during my hypnosis journey.

Today Is Special, Because Today You'll Get To Be In Two Places At The Same Time

By this point, my breaths were perfectly aligned, sweeping spiritual debris from different parts of my soul, washing what's no longer needed away. Fuenzalida snapped her fingers, and kept reminding me to let go, and how easy the process was. That's when I envisioned my spirit standing next to my physical body, side by side. I remember seeing a cosmic swirl of fuchsia, purple, and orange stardust, glowing and moving, right beside my physical body. I saw my spirit. Fuenzalida began counting down from 20, and asked me to imagine my physical body taking a break in a comfortable bed for it to sleep. (Mind you, I was already sleeping, but even still, I could see my physical self walking to a comfortable bedroom, just for me.)

I envisioned my spirit standing next to my physical body, side by side.

In that moment, Fuenzalida said, "There's nothing for you to do but exist, for you are at peace and so is your body."

As she continued to guide my through the meditation, she told me there were two escalators where I was, the one on the left went up, and the one on the right went down. I envisioned my physical self taking the right escalator to find a comfortable bedroom, but my spirit took the one on the left to go up into a beautiful garden of my experiences, where everything was accessible to me. Every time I got higher, Fuenzalida counted upwards, and guided me into a higher and more open dimension.

My Secret Garden

Once I reached the top of the escalator, Fuenzalida told me I was going about to enter a beautiful garden, and said, "Your garden is different from any other garden, for this is your soul's experience."

When I stepped on the grass of this magic garden, I could almost feel it under my feet and between my toes. Fuenzalida kept guiding me deeper, and told me that there were hundreds of mirrors here. Some were old, and others were modern-looking, and I could actually see them hanging on the trees. However, there was one mirror that kept calling me, and it was a larger mirror standing in the middle of the garden. Fuenzalida told me to get a closer look at this particular mirror, and asked me to tell her what I saw. That's when I walked up to it, and saw my reflection wearing the exact same outfit I wore that day.

Your garden is different from any other garden, for this is your soul's experience."

When I told her what I saw, she asked me to step into the mirror, so I could enter a life that is significant for me to see today, and she began counting, three... two... one.

The Magic Mirror

Fuenzalida said, "Step into the mirror and find your feet. What do you wear on your feet, Valerie?"

In the midst of this incredibly profound meditation, I felt as if I was awake again, but I really wasn't. I had just walked through the mirror Fuenzalida told to step into, and that's when she asked me how old I was. I told her 31, because I remember instantly knowing how old I was.

I'm a spiritual person, and I've always been aware of my karmic contacts.

Which, just so you know, I'm actually 30, but for whatever reason, I saw myself at 31 during my regression. Then again, Fuenzalida did mention I was going to see a past life that was significant for me today.

In my vision, I was wearing a long white dress with stockings, and heels. There were two twin wire bed frames, and in between was the large mirror I had walked out of. The beds were empty, but somehow I knew that they were my children's beds. Fuenzalida's voice asked me what I was doing there, and why this life was significant but I still didn't know. That's when I began to explore my surroundings, and walked out of the bedroom. I remember feeling very sad for some reason, and when Fuenzalida asked me why, I didn't know, but I felt the sadness right above my stomach in my solar plexus chakra, which is the chakra associated with personal power. When I told her, she asked me to acknowledge the sadness, and walk out of this house. That's when I saw a man, who I somehow knew was my husband, and I told Fuenzalida we were moving out of the house. I didn't know why I was moving, but I remember seeing a carriage with horses waiting for me. I didn't recognize my husband at the time, but I remember feeling like his eyes were familiar.

Interestingly enough, when I got home that day, I realized they were my boyfriend's eyes all along. I'm a spiritual person, and I've always been aware of my karmic contacts. The fact that we were together in a past life doesn't surprise me one bit. Although, it was still validating to see first-hand during my regression.

Coming Back Felt Like A Trip, Literally

I saw myself two more times in this specific lifetime, but I wanted to keep that memory for myself, considering I saw parts of me that I knew lived in me all along. However, I have to say, the moment Fuenzalida began counting down, guiding me back into my physical body, the entire room, behind my eyelids as they were still closed, began spinning faster than I could ever imagine. It's almost as if I was actually traveling back in time. At one point, I even wondered if it was normal, but Fuenzalida reassured me that it was. I kept breathing profoundly, and wiggling my toes, so I can make contact with the third dimension.

I know it sounds funny to wiggle my toes, but at this point, I was in such a deep state of meditation, I had no choice but to move my body, and ground myself.

Not Too Shabby For Traveling A Couple Hundred Years Back In Time, Right?

Bodhi Wellness Miami

As I reconnected fully with my physical body, I couldn't help but wonder, how the heck did I just do that? Was that really me? Did I actually go back in time, and see myself in another life? I did. Fuenzalida had mentioned that I'd probably see more from this specific lifetime, as I had already opened that door, and she was right. My boyfriend's eyes weren't the only thing I remembered, and I'm still connecting the dots as the days go by. Granted, this was the trip of not one, but many lifetimes, and I am eternally grateful for this experience. I'm not going to lie, I wouldn't mind doing this again, but I'm not sure I could do it without the help of Mama Shaman. Thank you for showing me the way, Patty Fuenzalida. One thing's for sure: My infinite spirit is made of bright fuchsia and orange stardust swirls. Oh, and my white stockings weren't so bad either.