I Didn't Talk To My SO On Vacation & It Was Better For Our Relationship Than I Expected

by Ciara Johnson

I've traveled alone for the past few years, and learned so much along the way. I've taken four-day treks through the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru, and enjoyed fresh baguettes under the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I've been able to see more landscapes than I ever imagined and have unforgettable experiences without waiting for another person to join in on the adventure. After meeting someone and getting into a relationship, though, I worried that my travels would negatively affect what we had. To my surprise, that couldn't be further from the truth. I learned this because I didn't talk to my significant other on vacation, and it was better for our relationship than I thought.

I always dreamed of traveling the world with the love of my life, but it hasn't always been possible with our conflicting schedules. I didn't necessarily want to sacrifice my vacation, but I was unsure if this would ruin the amazing thing we had going.

When I planned a trip to Costa Rica, I initially planned on keeping in constant contact with him. I wanted him to feel comfortable and admittedly, I'd grown to love his presence — whether in person or on the phone. I quickly reconsidered once I realized that maintaining my independence on this trip would be good for myself and my relationship. It turns out, I was totally right.

I Had Time To Myself
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It's so important to remain your own person when you get into a relationship, but sometimes, that's easier said than done. Before you know it, you may begin to pick up some of the same hobbies and goals, which is perfectly OK. But, this trip provided the time and space I needed to realign with my own interests.

I was able to go for relaxing walks and journal on long bus rides. I was able to finally reconnect with myself in ways that I hadn't been able to since I got into a relationship. This was difficult to admit, but it reminded me of how important it is to prioritize time to myself so that I can be the best partner I can be.

I Made New Friends
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I'll admit that it can be difficult keeping up with some friendships when you get into a relationship. I personally wanted to spend all of my time with my favorite person in the world.

During this trip, I stepped outside my comfort zone and connected with other people. If I traveled with my partner, I would have likely stuck by his side instead of branching out. If I stayed in contact with him, I might have been eager to call and text him at every instant. Cutting off contact was extremely difficult, but it allowed me to truly connect with the moment and people who were around me at the time.

It Might Sound Cheesy, But The Distance Made My Heart Grow Fonder
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It's a known saying that "absence makes the heart grow fonder," and I can honestly say that it's so true, because I put it to the test. You're used to having this special person in your life, so it's normal to miss them when they're not with you. However, stepping away gave me the opportunity to truly reflect on our relationship.

I was able to take a step back and think about everything. Being apart gave me a greater appreciation for my partner's presence in my life. The smaller things that I typically overlooked made me smile. At the end of the trip, I was even more excited to return back to my partner's arms.