Hulu’s First ‘Looking For Alaska’ Trailer Is Here & I'm Already So Emotional


John Green's name has become synonymous with hit teen romance stories these days, thanks to big-screen adaptations of his books The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns. But there is one book of his that fans have long been calling to be adapted for the screen... until now, that is. Hulu is bringing Green's beloved debut young-adult novel Looking for Alaska to life this fall in a brand new miniseries, and the streaming service recently released an exciting first look at the adaptation. Hulu's Looking for Alaska trailer introduces fans to the real-life versions of beloved book characters Pudge, Alaska, The Colonel, and Takumi.

The first-look teaser does not delve into the plot of Looking for Alaska; it opts instead to introduce fans to the main characters and pays homage to John Green's writing by including several of the most memorable quotes from the 2005 novel. The brief, one-minute clip introduces Charlie Plummer as Miles "Pudge" Halter, Kristine Froseth as Alaska Young, Denny Love as Chip "The Colonel" Martin, and Jay Lee as Takumi Hikohito, as each character speaks a line from the book that seems to best represent their personality and story arc. The video ends with Alaska rousing the group of outcasts for an adventure, coyly saying, "Alright, who's up for some fun?" Check out the teaser trailer below:

The clip serves as the perfect introduction to the world of Looking for Alaska. In the book, Pudge, the narrator and protagonist, is obsessed with learning the last words of famous people, and used the final words of French writer François Rabelais ("I go to seek the Great Perhaps") as inspiration when he uproots his like and transfers to a boarding school. The teaser implies this phrase will likely be equally important in the new series as it was in the novel.

In the book, Miles befriends his boarding school roommate Chip and soon enters his small circle of friends. Chip explains to Pudge that he goes by the nickname The Colonel, a reference to the strategy he puts into concocting various pranks around the school, and gives Miles the ironic nickname of Pudge, since he is so tall and skinny. The Colonel's best friends are the aspiring hip-hop emcee Takumi and the impulsive, unpredictable Alaska. In the new video, fans get a little taste of how important the core friendship between Pudge, Alaska, The Colonel, and Takumi really is.

As the group grows closer through various pranks, schemes, and adventures, Pudge finds himself falling in love with Alaska, but there is a major obstacle standing in the way of them being together. I won't give away what happens in the book, since a lot of people who have not read the book might be waiting to watch the TV series to get the full story.

Thankfully, fans do not have to wait much longer to watch the entire miniseries for themselves. All eight episodes of Looking for Alaska are due to drop on Hulu on Oct. 18.