Hulu Announced A Black Friday Deal That'll Get You A Year Of TV For Almost Nothing

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Recovering the day after Thanksgiving can be tough. While some people may be trying to burn off some calories on a run, others like to settle their stomach aches by watching some relaxing television. Personally, I prefer the latter, and Hulu's Black Friday 2018 sale is the perfect excuse to grab that remote. Happy binge watching, everyone!

In honor of Black Friday, Hulu is launching a sale that you just have to see to believe. According to its website, new customers can sign up for a Hulu subscription for just 0.99 cents a month all year, which means that you can enjoy a whole year of incredible television and movies for just $12. The sale is currently live and ends on Monday, Nov. 26, so you still have plenty of time to make the decision.

This is obviously a one of a kind deal for those who have been planning on signing up for a streaming service but haven't pulled the plug. However, for customers who have been signed up for the streaming service for a while, you're unfortunately out of luck. According to Hulu, customers who have subscribed to their service before the last 12 months may qualify for this unbeatable deal, but if you've been signed up prior then it's off the table.

Do you hear that? That's the sound of my TV being turned on right now.

Hulu's Black Friday sale only pertains to its typical "Limited commercials plan," which usually costs $7.99 a month. Clearly that's a huge price cut compared to its 0.99 cent per month Black Friday sale, so there's seriously no reason not to grab this deal. Of course, there's always Hulu's "No commercials plan" which guarantees that no commercials will play no matter the program, but that will run you a smooth $11.99 per month and there's no sale on that particular package this year.

So now that you're finally subscribed (and if you're not, what are you waiting for?), it's time to get acquainted with the incredible programs that are offered on Hulu. Currently, there are dozens of television shows, movies, and Hulu originals offered on Hulu right now, and they encompass a huge range of genres ranging from Science-fiction to cooking shows. I'm not exaggerating when I say that there's literally something for everyone.

Perhaps one of the biggest perks to the streaming service is that it's paired with cable network television shows, so viewers can stay up to date with the latest, and most suspenseful, programs on television right now. On one day you might be itching to watch a hilarious animated show like Bob's Burgers and the next day you need to catch up on the latest drama on How To Get Away With Murder. Either way, you're in for a viewing experience that could go all day, and to be honest it probably will.

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There you have it, everyone. This Black Friday there's truly a sale for everyone, and this particular buy will be the perfect excuse to cozy up with your family and watch every single Christmas movie back to back. Happy holidays!