‘The Great’ Was Renewed For Season 2, So More Royal Hijinks Are Coming To Hulu

Courtesy of Hulu

Fans of Hulu's The Great have been pondering the potential of a second season since they finished the first 10 episodes. The satirical show first debuted in May 2020 and it didn't take long for the series to gain a loyal fanbase. Thankfully, viewers can now rest easy because Hulu renewed The Great for Season 2, and it's sure to be just as entertaining as the first.

The Great, which stars Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult, is loosely based on the life of Catherine The Great, who went from an outsider of the royal family in Russia to the longest-ruling female leader. The show follows Fanning's Catherine The Great's arranged marriage to Hoult's Emperor Peter III as it evolves from a hopeful love story to Catherine's secret mission to overthrow him.

Each episode is full of comical banter, amazing costuming, a lot of NSFW content, and features some true aspects of the real Catherine's life. Before the show even saw success, executive producer Marian Macgowan saw the potential for a long-running series, giving fans hope there would at least be a second season.

"We believe there’s sufficient material to take us through until she is an old woman," Macgowan explained, according to Decider.

On Thursday, July 2, Hulu announced there will, in fact, be a second season. "We have some marvelous news... #TheGreat has been renewed for a SECOND season!" the company wrote on Instagram. "Leave a "huzzah" below if you are just as thrilled as we are!"

Hoult expressed his excitement by sharing Hulu's post to his IG Stories.

Courtesy of Nicholas Hoult on Instagram

Fanning, meanwhile, gushed: "I can’t hold it any longer! THE GREAT is renewed for a SEASON 2!!!!! Okay, now seriously @nicholashoult I’m going to get you this time..."

Deadline reported that Hulu has called The Great “one of the top performing original comedies” on the video streaming platform, but has not yet disclosed the ratings for season 1. Clearly, the show garnered enough of a fanbase to get picked up for a second season, so here's hoping the wild ride keeps going.