Elle Fanning in Hulu's 'The Great'

Fans Of Hulu's 'The Great' Have 1 Major Question After Watching The Finale


If there's one show that deserves the title of The Great, it's Hulu's newest dramedy loosely based on the life of Catherine The Great, the Russian empress that led the country into its Golden Age. While the Elle Fanning-led series immediately had fans bowing down at the show's metaphorical feet, viewers are already wondering: Will The Great Season 2 come to Hulu? Apparently, the creator has big plans for the empress' story.

The first season of the witty and "sometimes true" show started with Catherine entering an arranged marriage with Emperor Peter III (Nicholas Hoult). Though she comes into the arranged marriage hoping for true love, after a very unsatisfying wedding night, she quickly realizes her new husband is a total dingus and sets out to overthrow him. In addition to plotting a coup, wearing fabulous gowns, and drinking lots of vodka, Catherine also has a lot of sex (just not with her hubby) which yes, the real Catherine was also famous for.

While the season ended on a major cliffhanger showcasing Catherine's vast character arc from hopeless romantic to cunning potential ruler, there's still much to the story. Though the timeline is majorly off from that of actual events (Catherine didn't orchestrate the coup until 18 years after arriving in Russia), the history books indicate things are only going to ger more interesting.

According Decider, the team behind The Great pitched the concept of a six-season series to Hulu. "We believe there’s sufficient material to take us through until she is an old woman," executive producer Marian Macgowan said.

In addition to seeing Catherine age and take reign, the team also planned to introduce other key historic figures throughout the series. While there's no news yet on Hulu renewing the show for a second season — let alone enough episodes to span decades of Catherine's story — fans of The Great can rest assured that there are at least plans for more of Catherine's antics to come.

The Great Season 1 is on Hulu now.