How You Think About Summer Dating, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Valerie Mesa

Let's be real, who wouldn't be down for a little summer lovin'? It's the hottest season of the year. Although, it really depends on astrology, and where the planets are located in that very moment. However, before I tell you how you think about summer dating, according to your zodiac sign, this is my personal theory: If I had someone's chart in front of me, the first thing I'd look for is Venus — planet of love, relationships, and pleasure. First, where is it located in the chart? What sign is it currently transiting? Are there any harmonious aspects between the person's natal Venus and current planetary transits? Is Saturn involved by any chance? (In case they're looking for something serious...)

Truth is, I can go on and on, but it's definitely something to consider. However, since we don't have everyone's chart handy, we can use the sun, as it is a representation of one's energy and vitality. For instance, summer starts on June 21, AKA the first day of Cancer season. So, where is Cancer located in your chart? Is it a passionate astrological house? Or is it the complete opposite? This is how I will determine your dating mood this summer. PS, check your rising sign, too.

That being said, here are your thoughts on summer romance:

Aries: Yes, Please!

Single and ready to mingle? The beginning of your summer brought you loads of family time and moments of deep reflection. However, come end of July, you're back to basics, AKA back on the prowl.

Taurus: So Down.

You're feeling yourself, and truth is, you're a social butterfly in the summertime. It's tropical cocktails, flirty text messages, and impromptu dates. Although, come Leo season, you might want to chill out for a bit. Everyone needs their solitude.

Gemini: Factizzle!

You're usually in a playful mood, and even more so come summertime. The spotlight is on you, and you're ready for a new boo. Although, you're not a big fan of commitment, so make sure you communicate that.

Cancer: Maybe.

The summer kicks off in the midst of your cosmic rebirth and solar return; hence dating could feel like a little much. However, come Leo season, you'll be more than ready to come out of your shell.

Leo: Depends...

Truth is, you're never NOT looking for romance. Although, in reality, the summer is your season to recharge and reflect on all that you've accomplished in the past year. Don't let it go to waste.

Virgo: Not Happening.

Networking? Sure. Romance? Negative. Not happening. The summer is crazy busy for you, Virgo. You've got your list of priorities, and there's nothing getting in the way of that.

Libra: Not Really...

You love relationships, but you're also a realist, and the summertime is your time to shine professionally. Get to work, Libra! The romance will come sooner than later.

Scorpio: Hell Yeah!

Oh, yes. The summer is your time to shine, Scorpio babe. You're craving spontaneous adventures and spiritual journeys. By this time of the year, you've adapted a new philosophy and way of life.

Sagittarius: 100 Percent

I'm pretty sure Lana Del Rey's single "Young and Beautiful" is about you, Sag: "Hot summer nights, mid-July, when you and I were forever wild." You're magnetic AF and ready to party.

Capricorn: Absolutely

Look at you! Taking a break from your hectic work schedule to fall in love. Summer kicks off with the sun in your partnership house, and your swagger is basically through the roof. Are you ready for it? C'est la vie, Capricorn.

Aquarius: F*ck Yes.

For goodness' sake, tell them how you feel already. Lord knows you're not emotional, but it's time to take your romantic life more seriously. You love playing games.

Pisces: Sure, Why Not?

You're one of the most romantic in the zodiac, and well, the summer kicks off with the sun in your sexy fifth house of passion. Things could get a little busy come Leo season, but that doesn't mean you can't keep the relationship alive.