How You Hit On Your Crush When You Were Younger, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Valerie Mesa

Let's play a love game! (BTW, that is such a Venus in Gemini thing to say.) One of my favorite topics to focus on in astrology is love, which is why I'm going to reveal how you hit on your crush when you were younger, according to your zodiac sign. Truth is, we all have a seduction style, and it typically evolves with time, the same way our bodies change when we go through our adolescent phase. Now, I'm not trying to turn this into a human sexuality course, but I have to give you the scoop on this astrological topic nonetheless.

In astrology, each of the planets play a specific role in our lives, right? Well, naturally, Venus is the ruler of our relationships, values, and spending habits. However, knowing where the planet of love is located on your birth chart can be incredibly helpful, especially when you're digging for gold in the love department. For instance, you can immediately tell the type of woman a man is interested in, whether it be romantically or as a friend, by looking at his Venus sign. Hint: You can also check his moon sign if you wanna go deeper. Got it?

For a woman, on the other hand, you can tell the way she dresses, loves, and flirts, just by looking at her Venus sign. BTW, no one is excluding Mars here because trust me, this planet speaks volumes especially when it pertains to our sexuality, but we're keeping things light and flirty, just how Venus likes it. Sadly, we don't always know the exact time of birth, but there are still other factors to consider. For instance, you can always use the elements, and this is common sense, really. Fire and fire don't mix, right? Well, neither do Leo and Scorpio.

P.S. Keep in mind, someone's sun sign could be water, but the rest of their chart could be fire and air, and well...the plot thickens. So, don't judge a book by its cover, y'all.

Nevertheless, here's how you (most likely) hit on your crush when you were younger, as per your zodiac sign:

Aries: You Boldly Made The First Move

You've never been afraid of anything, Aries. On the contrary, instead of dwelling on what you can't have, you always kept your eye on the prize. What can I say? The more competition, the better.

Taurus: You Waited Patiently For A Sign

You've got a lot of time on your hands, Taurus! Admit it, you hate being rushed, and most importantly, you need to know the facts before you make a move. Period. Besides, you hate sharing what's yours, anyway.

Gemini: You Wrote Them A Letter

Remember drawing clouds along the border of your 3-hole-punched paper? Well, after you got them to respond to your questions, it was downhill and onto your next victim. You're a sure thing, Gemini.

Cancer: You Blushed Whenever They Were Near

There's no chance in hell that you were ever going to tell your crush how you felt, let alone make the first move. Crushing on someone scared the hell out of you, and you blushed hard AF every time.

Leo: You Gave Them A Picture Of You

Oh Leo! What better way to say, "I like you" then with a picture of your beautiful face? Let's face it, you gave your crush the VIP treatment, and you made sure they knew you were the cat's meow, too.

Virgo: You Made Them Something By Hand

Not gonna lie, Virgo. You're pretty crafty, especially when it's for someone you love. For you, the beauty is in the details, and you genuinely enjoy being hands on. So, about that knitted scarf...

Libra: You Dressed To Impress

No one knows how to flirt better than you, Libra. Your charm is a gift from the heavens, and you've certainly learned how to make the best of it in due time. Plus, your outfits have always been on point. Hair, too.

Scorpio: You Stared Until You Made Them Nervous

Eyes are the windows to the soul, right Scorpio? Although, there's something so powerful about you, and it started at a young age, too. Fact is, you school your crushes at staring contests. Period.

Sagittarius: You Kissed Them On The Lips

Is there anything you're NOT afraid of, Sagittarius? It's not so much about making the first move, because you love the adventure. Instead, it's all about venturing into unknown territory, and BTW, your optimism was extremely helpful, too.

Capricorn: You Took The Traditional Route

You don't like to take the easy way out. On the contrary, you need to test the waters before you invest your time in someone else. However, when the time came around, you were really romantic.

Aquarius: You Prank Called Them

Using a joke to get your way again, Aquarius? Be honest. You totally prank called just so you can A) make them laugh, and B) talk to them on the phone for a few hours afterwards. Besides, you weren't big on titles.

Pisces: You Burned Them A CD

Admit it, Pisces: Music is the way to your heart. It's an unexplainable feeling, and you preferred to express yourself through song. Oh, and your colorful sharpies also gave the CD a little something extra.