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Here's How You Break Bad News To Someone, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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There's no way you can go through life without experiencing a tragedy once in a while. What's worse is seeing something terrible happen to someone else... and instantly becoming the one who's responsible for telling them about it. Delivering bad news to someone you care about is never an easy task. However, every meaningful relationship requires it every now and then. While some of us may prefer to quickly tear the bandage off and allow the damage to land, others can't help but be careful, sensitive, and deliberate when communicating difficult information. Unsurprisingly, astrology has plenty to say about which type of person you are. How you break bad news to someone, according to your zodiac sign, will probably explain a lot.

If you've delved further into the realm of astrology, you probably already know that your personality is made up of far more than just your sun sign. You have an entire birth chart that encompasses several different zodiac signs and placements that describe who you are. Because Mercury rules over communication, cognitive function, and strategic planning, this sign in your birth chart is the most important one to consider when analyzing the way you deliver bad news. If you don't know what your Mercury sign is, input as much information as you can into this birth chart calculator and find out.



When you have something difficult to tell someone, you're not known for holding it in and contemplating the safest way to deliver the news. Instead, you prefer blurting it out right then and there, because why should they have to wait? Keeping them ignorant of the matter certainly doesn't help. If they know what's happening as soon as possible, they can work on remedying it.


You're known for being patient and pragmatic, which lends itself to the way you embody the bearer of bad news. First, you make absolute sure that the news is true, then you cultivate a safe and sound environment for the delivery. You let them know what's going on in an honest, clear manner without being too blunt about it.


It probably takes you a long time to give someone bad news, because you just really don't enjoy making someone upset. In some cases, you might even try to avoid it by having someone else tell them what's going on instead. When you have no choice, you'll probably embellish the truth to make it easier for them to swallow and make it seem better than it really is.


If you have something truly devastating to tell someone, you're likely feeling the emotions as intensely as they would be. You're naturally empathetic and sensitive, so the person you're giving bad news to can probably already tell you're about to let them in on something terrible the minute they see the look on your face.


You're a very theatrical and dramatic zodiac sign, so the way you break bad news to someone resembles a climactic scene from a movie. You've got the appropriate outfit on, a setting that fits the mood, and a disposition that perfectly reflects the matter at hand. I wouldn't be surprised if one tear began slowly rolling down your cheek in the process.


You're probably analyzing every detail and angle of the bad news, nervously wondering how you should deliver it most truthfully and painlessly. You want to get your point across, but you don't want to cause them undue stress. You might even write a thorough letter or text message describing the situation instead, just so you can absolve yourself of the discomfort while also thoroughly explain it.


You are a skilled diplomat and as uncomfortable as you may feel, there's no one who delivers bad news better than you do. You strike the perfect balance between looking at the glass as half empty versus half full. Whoever is receiving the news will be able to see the situation very clearly, thanks to your ability to distill bad news into something palatable.


Despite how strategic and calculating you might seem, you're also very sensitive and telling someone something heartbreaking is not easy for you. You also tend to feel things deeply and you'll probably see the situation as even worse than it really is. In fact, you might even try to comfort them by bringing up the fact that life is full of of inevitable tragedies.


You're more concerned with the bigger picture instead of the matter at hand. Thus, when you deliver bad news, you might not be fully aware of how deeply if will affect the person receiving it. While your philosophical advice can be helpful once they've adjusted to the news, it initially won't make much of a difference in alleviating the pain you're causing them.


You're methodical by nature and if you have bad news to break to someone, you'll tell them the way you'd like to be told, which is in a slow, mindful, and orderly manner. You will tell them what's going on, piece by piece, careful not to overwhelm them with too much tragedy at once. You also tend to know what's best for people and you'll probably encourage them to handle it a certain way.


If you have bad news to break to someone, you're probably already tracking down the person who caused this pain in the first place. When you tell someone something that's difficult to hear, you'd at least like to promise that justice will be served. You have a way of delivering bad news that's entirely your own and it may resonate deeply when the person receiving it or make them feel even worse.


You're deeply intuitive by nature and when you have something horrible to tell someone, you're able to read their emotional needs and then deliver it based on that. If they need you to just be straight up about it, you'll tell them in a blunt manner. If they need you to be slow and sensitive about the situation, you can absolutely do that as well.

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