Here Are The Best Jeans & Boots Combos, Because Sometimes, They Can Feel Impossible To Pair

It's no secret that denim is pretty much the most loved material in America and beyond, at least when it comes to pants. There are literally infinite ways to style your baby blues, but the topic of how to wear jeans with boots is especially relevant right now in light of the current season. While yes, you can can pretty much just pull on any pair of jeans and any pair of boots and have a relatively foolproof combo, there are definitely certain cuts that work better with certain footwear styles. Whatever pairings make you feel good should trump any styling advice out there but if you aren't sure where to start then hopefully this guide will help.

Below you'll find four pairs of jeans in popular cuts along with a few styles of boots that pair excellently with them. From standard skinny jeans and cropped straight-leg jeans to '70s-style flares and those with ultra wide legs, the silhouettes are definitely ones you probably already have in your closet (or should consider adding). Peruse the pairings, choose which ones you like the look of, and use them as an excuse to do some shoe shopping. After all, boots are trendy year-round, so see it as a step towards getting your 2019 wardrobe perfected.

Cropped Straight-Leg Jeans

This is my favorite jean style for a myriad of reasons, chief among them that they can pair with almost any boot style, save for over-the knee boots or boots that come up past the mid-calf. A few of my favorite boots to style with them are:

Short Ankle Booties

I like that cropped straight-leg jeans skim the top of short ankle booties, allowing only a sliver of skin to peek through above the shoe. They're one of the few cropped denim styles that this gap doesn't look awkward with thanks to their straight silhouette.

Chunky Chelsea Boots

Straight-leg jeans also look great with platform booties, thanks once again to their straight silhouette.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a perennial go-to, and for good reason. They can also pair with almost any boot and are super comfy. They pair extra well with:

Over-The-Knee Boots

To pull these off with jeans, your pants need to be rather tight so that awkward bunching above the boot doesn't occur. The sole solution? Skinny jeans.

Chunky Hiking-Style Boots

Thanks to their tight fit, skinny jeans also look great with super chunkier boots. They balance one another out and make for a super comfy pair.

Long Flared Jeans

I love this classic '70s denim style but sometimes it can be hard to figure out which shoes to wear with it. I always tend to go for boots with some sort of a heel since they typically run long. That way, you're not tripping on the hems of the pants and they're ever so slightly lifted off the ground to show off your cool kicks.

Cowboy-Inspired Boots

The pointed toe of a cowboy boot peeks out from under a flared jean like no other. One that's covered in a cool print or color makes for an extra cool styling point.

Platform Boots

It doesn't get more '70s than these. As they say, like attracts like.

Cropped Wide-Leg Jeans

These jeans can feel especially hard to style because of their boxy and uber relaxed cut. In reality, the only boots I don't pair them with are ones that hit super low on the ankle because I personally don't like the way the gap of skin cuts off the look. Two great boot options for this silhouette are:

Heeled Mid-Shin Boots

I love wearing cropped wide leg jeans with heeled booties that hit the shin above where normal ankle booties do—when you're standing, there's no space between the pant and boot and the outfit flows and is cohesive. The heels allow the baggier jeans to look a bit more sophisticated.

Chunky '90s Style Boots

If you're going to opt for JNCO-like pants you might as well stick to the punky '90s look with your footwear. These chunky combat boosts boast a bit of a platform and some cool hardware for a more elevated look.