8 Ways To Travel In Luxury On A Tight Budget, Because Everyone Deserves To Vacay In Style

by Kristin Corpuz

Traveling is something that's probably at the very top of your bucket list. Gorgeous travel photos on Instagram bring on a serious case of wanderlust, and you've probably been adding dream destinations to your list for as long as you can remember. But having the beautiful fantasy vacation of your dreams might seem pretty unattainable, because traveling can be so expensive. And while there are definitely cheap ways to vacation, your aspirations might include some pretty luxe accommodations. I've rounded up a few tips on how to travel in luxury when you're on a budget, because you deserve to do it up in style.

Let's be honest: Every little bit of savings helps. You can turn on Google Flight alerts so you'll be notified when a flight you've been checking out gets a little cheaper, or you can use your favorite travel blogger's referral codes for some savings here and there. Those deals and savings can add up to help make your dream vacation a reality.

So, if you're planning on crossing an incredible destination off your bucket list this year, try out these helpful tips for luxury travel on a budget. It'll be one of the best decisions ever.

Use Your Hotel Points And Airline Miles
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If you have a ton of hotel points or airline miles you've been saving up for the right trip, see if you can use them on a more luxe experience. Though your points might only make a dent in your luxury accommodations, every little bit helps.

If you don't have points or miles and are trying to figure out where to start, try to book with the same airline and hotel chain every time you travel. Keep in mind that there are some boutique-type hotels that are actually owned by giant chains, so you can still stay at a unique hotel and earn points in the process.

Turn On Flight Alerts
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Flights are often the most expensive part of a trip, so if you can find any way to save on them, you definitely should. My favorite flight tracking tool is Google Flights to find the cheapest flights. You can also turn on Google Flight alerts so you'll be notified when a flight you've been looking at goes down in price.

Take The Time To Compare Rates On Different Sites
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Hotel and flight prices vary so much, it's impossible to get the best rate if you're only looking on one site. It's best for you to do your homework and find the rates that fit your budget. Also, third-party booking sites sometimes offer discounts specific to their site, so you might be able to snag a serious deal. It will take some extra time and research, but comparing sites will definitely help you save money when you're looking for luxury accommodations.

Find Cool Accommodations On Airbnb
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If you're worried about dropping a lot of money on a lavish hotel, you can find some really beautiful, unique accommodations on Airbnb for less. You'll undoubtedly scope out the most Insta-worthy places through the app, so get ready to swoon.

Check Travel Bloggers' Sites For Referral Codes
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Travel bloggers often partner with apps, accommodation sites, and more to give their followers discounts. If you follow a bunch of travel bloggers on Instagram, see if you can search their sites or YouTube channels for their referral codes to cut costs wherever you can.

Travel For A Longer Amount Of Time Or With More People
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Many hotels and flights often offer discounted rates when you book in bulk. Consider booking flights with a lot of people, or stay at the same hotel for longer than a week. Your family can take that reunion vacay you've been longing to have, or you can stay at the same hotel for a while so you can really explore your destination.

Figure Out Which Parts Of A Trip You Want To Splurge On
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Luxury traveling on a budget is all about compromising. You might not be able to splurge on every part of your trip, but you can pick and choose which parts you're going to drop extra coin on, and which ones you'd rather save on.

For example, you can pay for basic economy seats on the plane, but go all-out on your hotel accommodations. If you have to eat out a ton because your hotel doesn't have a kitchenette, then maybe skip the cabs and take public transportation instead.

Save Up Your Money
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This probably seems like a given, but the key to being able to travel is having enough money to get you to the places you want to go. Try putting aside a small portion of your paychecks in a "secret" or "hidden" savings account so that it just sits and accumulates. You might be surprised at how much money you can actually save in a short amount of time.