How To Tell If Your Partner’s High-Key In Love With You, According To Experts

by Korey Lane

Being in a committed relationship is awesome. You have a partner, you're having great sex (hopefully), and you're learning more about yourself and growing as a person. Really, it's awesome, but there are still moments when you're unsure. Maybe your partner still hasn't said the ~L-word~ so you're asking yourself "Are they in love with me?" on a daily basis. But, aside from them actually telling you, there are ways you can sort of guess that they're legit in love with you.

Yes, no matter how long you've been with someone, it can still be scary to not know whether or not they're in love with you. It's a big deal, and it's fair to be anxious about not knowing. And if you want to sort of test out whether your partner could be in love with you, then look at their habits, their way of communicating with you, and more, and there's a good chance you'll be able to tell if they're in love with you.

If you're in love with them, but don't want to tell them until you're sure they feel the same way, then read on. These tips will help you know for sure, and that's the best feeling.

You're good at resolving conflicts together.

Every couple fights — that's just the honest truth. Maybe your fights are more like arguments, or maybe they're super intense. Whatever the case, you fight. But, a sign that someone's in love with you is that they're willing to work through those issues rather than ignore them or stay angry. According to Susan Winter, a bestselling author and relationship expert, working through fights means that there's love involved.

"You both have a way of diffusing each other and getting into negotiated brainstorming as an effective means to the solution of your problem," Winter told Elite Daitly. "You can't stay mad at each other. At the end of the day, there is more love than there is resentment or animosity."

They can't stop bragging about you.
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If you're in love with someone, you likely just can't contain yourself sometimes. You're just so happy, and you want everyone around you to know how awesome your partner is. So, if you want to know if your partner is in love with you, see how they talk about you to others. Dating and etiquette expert April Masini of Relationship Advice Forum told Elite Daily that a person in love loves talking about it.

"When someone is in love they’re going to be proud and grateful for you and they're going to let other people know, when you’re not around, that they've met someone valuable," she said.

So if they're telling their friends and family how awesome you are, they could be in love.

They don't leave you hanging.
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Sometimes it's hard to remember to text back. I get it. But, if you're in love with someone, you'll make sure that they never feel neglected.

"When someone loves you, they prioritize you, your feelings, and the relationship, over other stuff that gets in the way of life," Masini said. "They keep promises, and value your time."

So pay attention to how they treat your time, as well as how they treat you. If your partner is in love with you, then they won't ignore your messages or blow you off. They value you and your time together. Period.

They think ahead.

If you're with someone, you might have high expectations of what they'll do for your birthday, or other holidays. And that's totally fair, but it's important not to get your hopes up. Thing is, if your partner is in love with you, then they'll try their best to make those big days special.

"They shop in advance and have a wrapped gift that is meaningful to you. They write heartfelt cards. They make plans," said Masini. "These are the details of a loving relationship, so even if they haven't said the L-word yet, if you’re being treated like someone special — someone loved — on these holidays when the details count, you know they love you."

Basically, they make you a priority and make sure that you're happy.

You can talk easily.

If your partner is in love with you, then there won't really be too many awkward moments. You'll be able to have difficult conversations and work through them. Additionally, you'll just enjoy talking to them, about everything and anything. According to Dr. Grant H. Brenner, MD, a psychiatrist, consultant, and psychoanalyst, talking it out is an important sign of someone in love.

"Good conversations are a good sign of being in love," Brenner told Elite Daily. "Conversations which show a level of mutual give-and-take."

So, if you want to know if your partner is high-key in love with you, then see if they're doing any of these five things. Maybe they haven't said it yet, but they're probably totally in love with you, and you should probably celebrate. Probably with champagne. And ice cream. OK now I'm hungry, bye!

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