4 Ways To Tell If Someone Is In Love With You, Even If They Haven’t Said It

Once you start dating someone you really like, there comes a time when you start to wonder if their feelings for you have gotten stronger, especially when you find yourself thinking about them non-stop and the excitement leading up to seeing them makes your stomach do flip-flops in overdrive. If you frequently find yourself thinking, "How do I know they love me?" the good news is that even if they haven't officially dropped the L-bomb, that doesn't mean that they aren't feeling as starry-eyed as you are.

It goes without saying that professing your love to someone is a pretty big step in any relationship, and depending on their past experiences, some people are much more reserved about making their feelings known. If they are trying not to rush into things but have developed some feels, then a pretty sure-fire way to tell is to look at how they are behaving. Their actions are typically a dead giveaway if they've caught the love bug. Elite Daily spoke with dating and etiquette expert April Masini of Relationship Advice Forum to find out how someone behaves when they're in love. If you notice your bae has been doing these four things, then an "I love you" may certainly be on its way.

They Brag About You When You're Not Around

If your bae is feeling the love, even if they don't know it yet, they are definitely going to be talking about how amazing they think you are to basically anyone who will listen.

"When someone is in love they’re going to be proud and grateful for you and they’re going to let other people know, when you’re not around, that they’ve met someone valuable," Masini tells Elite Daily.

That means that when you're hanging out with their friends or family, and they tell you they've heard so much about you, then chances are you partner actually has been telling them a bunch of good things.

They Take Care Of You When You Need It

Oftentimes, one of the easiest ways to tell that the person you're with isn't just caught up in the thrill of a new relationship and has started taking things seriously, is if they are there for you even when things aren't going well.

"If you’ve got the flu and don’t look cute, someone who loves you will show up," explains Masini. "When you can’t make it to a hot date because you’ve got a rare and pressing deadline, they’re there for you with coffee and sympathy."

Being in love means that they aren't just there to enjoy the good times, but are also willing to keep you company and be supportive when you really need it.

They Make You And The Relationship A Priority

"When someone loves you, they prioritize you, your feelings, and the relationship, over other stuff that gets in the way of life," says Masini. They keep promises, and value your time."

Life gets busy, but when you love someone, you always make time for them. If they have a particularly demanding schedule then it's totally understandable that they might not be able to spend every weeknight hanging out, but mid-week they are eager to make plans for the weekend — and most importantly, they stick to them.

They Remember And Plan Ahead For Meaningful Occasions

While everyone places a different amount of weight onto certain occasions or holidays — someone who loves you will be sure to remember these dates and take the opportunity to celebrate them in a meaningful way.

"They shop in advance and have a wrapped gift that is meaningful to you. They write heartfelt cards. They make plans," says Masini. "These are the details of a loving relationship, so even if they haven’t said the L-word yet, if you’re being treated like someone special — someone loved — on these holidays when the details count, you know they love you."

While both actions and words are important when it comes to a meaningful relationship, sometimes it takes a bit longer for someone to be fully ready to express their feelings verbally. But as long as they are treating you well and showing their love, then there is no reason to stress. If it's been a while, and the words you have been waiting for still haven't come, but you're in an exclusive relationship, then maybe your partner is waiting to hear them from you — in which case, let them know how you feel!

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