10 Subtle Signs That Reveal If Your Friendship Is Really Forever

Not all friendships are built to last a lifetime, but it's no surprise that you'd like to know if a particular person in your life is going to beat those odds. In the case of a forever friend, there's no way of knowing right off the bat if your friendship will stand the test of time. It happens gradually, and in your own way, you'll be able to know how to tell if your friendship is forever.

Who wouldn't want to ensure that the person who understands you the most is going to be around for the long haul? By now, you may have experienced at least once what happens when a friendship fades away, or when you have to break ties with a toxic person. It really sucks, so finding out that your current friendship is meant to last forever is just like hitting the jackpot.

For now, you should be spending your time cherishing this rich friendship you have, because the bond you have is priceless. Your friendship isn't going to be exactly like anyone else's, but in general, forever vibes are expressed by these 10 signs. (Oh, and after reading this, you'll want to give your main girl a huge bear hug.)

She Includes Herself In Your Future Plans

Have you ever noticed when you talk about a future dream or travel goals, your friend is included in every game plan? Maybe she's told you how you're going to knock a few bucket lists items off together, or attend the same college. Whatever it may be, your girl has planted special seeds that are due to bloom throughout your future.

You Can Hardly Recall The Time In Your Life When You Weren't Friends

Your forever friend brings a whole new perception and good vibes into your life. It's OK if you can't really remember your friend group before your favorite human came around. It's so funny that at one time you two were strangers, and now you can't quite envision your life without her in it.

You've Had Several Ugly Cries Together

Real talk: Ugly cries are good for the soul. (Well, at least that's what you tell yourselves when you're wiping off running eyeliner and clumped mascara from each other's cheeks.) It's true, the grass can be greener on the other side — when the both of you water it with your tears.

She's Not Afraid To Tell You When You're Wrong About Something

Your forever friend isn't going to be someone who agrees with you all the time. She can tell you when you're in the wrong, and respect your decision if you still want to move forward with it. It's always beneficial to have someone like this right by your side, so keep her close.

She's Your Human Diary

Your journal is jealous about how much you rely on this person to vent, confide in, and listen to your every thought. She knows just about everything there is to know about you. "Trust" is an understatement.

She Diverts Problems For You Before They Even Happen

Your forever friend will try to make life easier for you when she can. Did you leave your keys at her house and didn't realize it? She's already driving over to your place to let you in. Your problems are her problems, and she is always willing to help.

What's Hers Is Yours, And Vice Versa

Your closet is her closet, and her cheesy fries are your cheesy fries. Your belongings are so interchangeable, you didn't even realize you were being so selfless in the process. She never takes advantage of these perks, either.

You're Very Receptive To Each Other's Emotions

You could spend your entire day telling people that you're totally fine, and your bestie can take one look at you and decodes what's really going on. This is so valuable, because with little words and effort on your part, she is already thinking of ways to make you feel better. Her emotional intelligence is one of her greatest qualities.

You Feel Like You've Already Known Her Forever

It's not easy trying to retrace when the two of you really hit it off. This is your forever friend, because it already seems like you have been friends for that long, but who's counting?

You Act Silly In Public Together

Your forever friend will be silly with you like no one is watching. When you're around each other, it's a safe space for you to be your complete selves. Once or twice, you've had to remind yourselves that the general public doesn't at all get that inside joke that has you two laughing so hard on the floor.