5 Simple Ways To Stay Grounded As A Constant Wanderer

by Ciara Johnson

Every now and then, we all dream of being on a constant vacation. Imagine what it would be like to drop your routine and hit the road. You would have the ability to fly across the world on a whim and choose exactly what your days would be like. You'd have complete control over your time and place in the world, which is the ultimate form of freedom. This sounds like the dream, but staying balanced is an important part of long-term travel. Fortunately, you can learn how to stay grounded when you're a traveler who's always on the go.

Every adventurous soul knows what it's like to have a case of the travel bug. You want to go everywhere and see everything. You crave epic experiences and you dream of meeting strangers who will turn into friends. When it comes to the standard one or two week vacation, a whirlwind-like trip is doable. However, it may be best to pace yourself when you're traveling for an extended period of time. Moderation is important, even when it comes to the things you love doing most. This can be a struggle when you want to see and do many things, but there are so many ways to stay balanced while making the most out of a life of full-time travel.

Adopt A Morning Routine
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You may travel to escape routine, but it may give you some much-needed balance. Have you ever found yourself forgetting which day it is when you're on vacation? Everything begins to blur together without a routine. If you're feeling out of whack, you should consider implementing a morning routine. You're constantly forced to make decisions on the road, so a routine will simplify things in your mind.

Your routine might include a morning workout, meditation, journaling, or cooking. Whatever you choose, you'll find that this morning routine may help keep you balanced.

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Journaling is a great way to reflect. It allows you to put your travel goals on paper and document your adventures. It's easy to forget the small details and lose track of how far you've come, so a travel journal will help you put things into perspective and memory.

Prior to your trip, you can write out intentions and expectations. What do you hope to gain from this trip? During you trip, you can write about your experiences and feelings. How did you feel when you step foot inside that museum you've always dreamed of? After your trip, you can write your reflections and revelations. What did you learn and how you'll do things differently next time? Journaling is a great way to stay grounded.

Stay Connected
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Humans crave connection, so it's natural to get lonely every once in a while. It's extremely important to seek out community or stay in contact with your loved ones back home, especially when you're traveling solo. You should consider scheduling FaceTime sessions with your besties. It's 2018, so you can easily call up your mom if you find yourself feeling isolated or disconnected when you're on the road.

It can be really exciting to meet people on the road, so why not seek out friendships? You can attend meet-ups or classes to meet like-minded travelers. Who knows? You may end up with a new friend for life.

Take It Easy
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So much to see, so little time. It may be appealing to hop from one location to another when the world is your oyster, but travel burnout is the last thing you want to experience.

Like everything else in life, it's best to focus on quality over quantity. Consider getting to know one area instead of speeding through several different destinations. Find your favorite coffee shop, spend time people-watching, take time to yourself, and listen to your body.

Practice Mindfulness
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Days begin to blend together when you're constantly wandering, so it's important to be present. Acknowledge your surroundings, feelings, and experiences to avoid simply going through the motions. Mindfulness will keep you grounded, no matter where you are in the world. Yoga and meditation can really help to clear your mind and help you embrace the moment.