How To See The Harvest Moon 2017, Because It's A Magical Sight You Don't Want To Miss


If you happen to longingly gaze out your window tonight at the night sky, you will see a large full moon in the darkness. This particular moon is called a Harvest moon, and it's supposed to rise on Oct. 5. According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, the Harvest moon is the first full moon to grace the sky with its presence after the autumnal equinox. You might be wondering how to see the Harvest moon 2017, and luckily for you, we have you covered.

The sunset will pave the way for the rising moon this evening, so essentially, the Harvest moon will make its grand entrance complete with the most glorious light. What's so incredible about this celestial event is that the full Harvest moon will light up the sky yet again for several nights to follow. However, tonight is the official night that you must make sure to go out at sunset and enjoy looking up at the sky.

Make Sure To Take Lots Of Pictures

You and your squad should definitely take advantage of the beautiful moon this evening. Get your cameras ready to take all of the scenic pictures and boomerangs you want for Instagram. You seriously can't miss it if you go out tonight, and if you time it just right, you may even want to scope out the best place to snap a shot with the moon right behind you. You'll look like a magical soul dancing in the moonbeams.

Don't miss out on when the Harvest moon starts to rise. That will be the time to grab your popcorn, head outside, and look along the horizon as the moon gracefully makes its way above us all. According to National Geographic, the Harvest moon will occur at 7:21 p.m. ET. Though, don't fret if you miss the rise, because the full moon will be gorgeous no matter what time you look at it tonight. I'm just saying, this evening could potentially be a very dreamy time to ask your SO to go for a walk to your favorite park, or hit up that bae you're totally crushing on. Snuggle up under the moonlight, and get ready for a great celestial show to pan out.

Full Moon For Days


Don't worry if you can't see anything tonight, because as I stated before, the full Harvest moon will enter the sky yet again for several evenings to come. So, you can head out tomorrow night for a picnic dinner, and won't have to deal with the FOMO if you aren't able to gaze up at it tonight. In fact, having a full moon for days really gets us in the spirit for Halloween. Might I suggest throwing a Harvest moon party with your gals this weekend? You can all wear your favorite fall outfits, and dance the night away under the moonlight with some moon-inspired cocktails.

You Can Use A Telescope

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

If you can get your hands on a telescope tonight, that may be the way to go. The moon's surface will be putting on a show for you to catch the specifics through your lens. It's the perfect time to really scope out and understand what's going on all the way up in the sky. Spoiler alert: The moon is not made of cheese like I always wished it would be. Don't even try to deny it — you did, too.

If you don't have access to a telescope, binoculars will work, too. You can even use one of The United States Geological Survey moon maps to help you better understand what you're looking at while you're gazing up tonight. Binoculars and telescopes make it easier to check out the unfolding scene in detail, but the moon will be so grand that your naked eye will work just as well. First with the solar eclipse, and now with the Harvest moon occurring, 2017 is a great year to look up at the sky and take in how cool space is.