6 Ways To Pack Light In The Winter, Because It's Easier Than You Think

by Ciara Johnson

Raise your hand if you have a winter vacation planned. Whether you're hitting the slopes with your friend group for a ski getaway, or headed to The Big Apple for some festive fun, it's time to start packing your bags. You know how stressful packing can be, and packing for a winter trip can be even more difficult. It's easy to throw all of your bikinis, crop tops, and denim shorts into a carry-on bag, but you have to think a bit more strategically when you're packing winter coats, bulky sweaters, scarves, and maybe even snow pants. Here's how to pack light during the winter, because it's totally possible.

You'd be surprised how quickly a few sweaters and a pair of boots can completely fill up a suitcase. Suddenly, you're wondering how you're going to bring all of your outfits without overpacking. Naturally, you want to be prepared for all of your activities, and have several chic options to choose from.

It may take a few tries before you totally nail it. But with these tips, you'll be so relieved once you finally squeeze everything into your suitcase. Before you know it, you'll be boarding a flight to your dream destination.

Wear Your Bulkiest Items On The Plane
B. Harvey/Stocsky

One coat could take up the majority of space in your carry-on bag, so it's best to rock it on the plane instead. Bulky items like coats, scarves, and boots will only weigh down your luggage and cause unnecessary stress when you're packing.

Before you board the plane, consider wearing your heaviest items to make extra room in your bag. (This will also help you to avoid paying overweight baggage fees!)

Use Packing Cubes
Suzanne Clements/Stocksy

It's no secret that packing cubes have changed the game for every packing scenario. Packing cubes will help keep your garments organized so that you can pack and unpack with ease. They'll also help compress your clothing if you need to pack more than expected, or if you just need to save some space. Once you start using packing cubes, you'll never go back.

Mix And Match
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It's always best to choose neutral clothing items that you can mix and match. Before you start packing, consider creating a list and choosing a color scheme that will help you mix and match your clothing easier. Bring boots or shoes that are versatile, and cute sweaters that will pair nicely with jeans and even a skirt. This trick will prevent you from packing unnecessary items.

Invest In Thermal Gear
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Thermal clothing keeps your body warm in cold weather. It will also help minimize the amount of clothing you need to pack and layer. (For example, instead of layering three cotton shirts on top of each other, you can pack one thermal shirt that will keep you just as warm.) You can purchase thermal underwear, socks, shirts, leggings, and even jackets.

Choose Light Layers

You only have so much room in your suitcase, so it's best to keep all clothing items light. Instead of packing a bunch of chunky sweaters and bulky bottoms, consider opting for a thermal shirt, and then pick out a few light sweaters to wear over it. Doing this will help you save so much space inside your luggage and manage changing temperatures better.

Bring Winter Accessories
Aleksandar Novoselski/Stocksy

Instead of packing additional clothing, you can bring a few cute winter accessories to spice up your outfits. Scarves and gloves can be lightweight, but they can also make a huge difference.