How To Manifest Your Dream Trip If You're Broke & Want To See The World

by Jordyn Kraemer

You likely have that one dream destination that calls to you. It’s been on your mind and the background of your phone since you first caught wind of it. Whether it’s a tropical island with perfect beaches, or a bustling metropolis full of life and adventure, each of us has a dream trip just waiting to be realized. Yet in your 20s, your imagination can sometimes be much greater than your bank account. While it can be challenging at times to make ends meet, there are plenty of things you can do in the meantime to prepare yourself. This is exactly how to manifest your dream trip if you’re broke and long to see the world.

Constantly doing the items on the below list to remind yourself about this place and your future travels there, will open up a world of possibilities you would’ve otherwise been too busy to recognize. For example, have you always wanted to visit Barcelona? After focusing all of your energy on it, suddenly, you might find out a friend of yours actually has a summer house there (thus making your dreams a reality due to focus and pursuit). Here is how you can start manifesting right now.

Create A Mood Board
Jordyn Kraemer/The Blonde Vagabond

It's time to get crafting. What better way to visualize a trip than by seeing images of that destination, its delicious cuisine, and local culture on a curated board just for you? Whether it’s virtually built on Pinterest or involves you cutting out magazine clippings and photographs, and then DIY-ing a board to hang above your bed, this is one of the best visual reminders of your dream trip.

Make A Playlist
Guille Faingold/Stocksy

This is a way to create a soundtrack for the experiences you will have on your future trip. Dreaming of Hawaii? Make a collective mix of the Beach Boys, Elvis, and Jack Johnson to bring all of the tropical vibes to life. Having an audible way of visualizing your dream creates momentum and excitement. It’s also tons of fun to share with fellow travelers, as there are already a bunch of pre-made destination playlists on apps such as Spotify to help you build out your ultimate getaway soundtrack.

Research The Destination
Studio Firma/Stocksy

Do some digging. Hit up Instagram and Pinterest to find out where you'd love to go for brunch and dinner, what hotels you'd like to stay in, the rooftop bars you want to check out, and the activities you'd indulge in during the day. Looking into what that particular destination actually has to offer allows you to accurately picture exactly what that dream trip will look like.

Follow The Inspiration
Gillian Vann/Stocksy

This can be done literally, by following the hotels, restaurants, and destination-specific niche accounts on Instagram to fill your feed with constant reminders. You could also physically follow the inspiration by finding that destination's local cuisines in the city you live in.

For example, if you’ve always dreamed of going to Colombia, buy Colombian coffee, and as you sip your morning brew, imagine this is what you’ll be tasting when you’re actually there. Being inundated with the things you’ll experience is a great reminder to keep saving and stay focused.

Scope Out Flight Patterns
Guille Faingold/Stocksy

Watching the market of flight prices and patterns rise and fall is a great way to see trends in travel that you never noticed before. Perhaps your destination's peak travel times are actually not when you were hoping to go, or maybe a layover in a different city would drop the price significantly. Doing research to find out the best routes and pricing options will absolutely help you score a cheaper seat when you're finally ready to book.

Be Grateful For Your Trip

The last step in manifesting the trip of your dreams is to be grateful for it. Knowing that it will happen allows your brain to focus on the steps necessary to accomplish it. Having an open, positive mind of gratitude can attract the things that you need for your trip, including insider recommendations, last-minute sales, and how to pack to complete your perfect dream trip.