10 Attainable Bucket List Goals To Check Off In The U.S. As Soon As You Can

by Ciara Johnson

I'll be the first to admit that I tend to overlook U.S. travel destinations, because traveling abroad can just feel more exciting. However, with the U.S. being so grand in size, there are a ton of spots worth visiting. From the countryside to the city, and from the east coast to the west coast, the options are truly endless. The landscapes, food, people, and attractions vary greatly across the country. Let's just say that you'll never run out of amazing things to do. Whether you're living in the U.S. or visiting, there are some bucket list goals you've gotta check off ASAP.

I'm sure you've heard about southern charm, in addition to the nightlife scene in The City That Never Sleeps. What about California's dreamy weather, or Florida's pristine beaches? You just can't visit the U.S. without trying some lobster from Maine, or clam chowder in Boston. I can't forget to mention the melting pot of cultures and people from all around the world. There's so much to see within this single country, that you'll be able to fulfill all of your wanderlust desires without ever leaving. You might want to road trip across your dream states, or fly from coast to coast. Either way, you'll want to check these spots off your bucket list.

Hike To Havasupai Falls

We all know about the Grand Canyon, but have you heard about the beautiful gem that is Havasupai Falls? You can camp at these reservations after a 10-mile hike down to the crystal blue waterfalls. Sounds like the ultimate adventure, right? Don't forget to come prepared with proper hiking shoes.

Wander Down The French Quarter
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According to New Orleans Official Guide, The French Quarter is the oldest part of New Orleans, and you really have to experience this part of the city for yourself. Get full on Cajun food, dance to live jazz music, and marvel at the historic architecture.

Trek The Rocky Mountains In Colorado
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If you're a nature lover, you've got to hike The Rocky Mountains in Colorado one day. You'll be able to witness a variety of natural landscapes and truly connect with your surroundings. This is a perfect bucket list item for anyone who just needs to get away from it all, and relish some peace and quiet.

Get The Full New York City Experience

Ah, The Big Apple! In my opinion, you can't pass up an experience in one of the greatest cities in the whole world. Don't miss out on strolling through Central Park, witnessing all of the vibrant lights in Times Square, watching a Broadway show, and gazing up at some of the tallest skyscrapers in the city. Don't forget to capture some solid foodie shots of your pizza for the 'Gram.

Embrace The Greatness Of Niagara Falls
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Niagara Falls, which sits between New York and Canada, is a set of three massive waterfalls that will instantly take your breath away. There are so many cool attractions — including the Cave of the Winds and Aquarium of Niagara — that you'll definitely want to check out while you're swooning over the surrounding nature.

Visit Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park will make you feel like you're in another world. According to National Park Service, it's full of hot springs, geysers, and wildlife that will make your jaw drop!

Take A California Road Trip

California has so much to offer, that you'll probably need to start working on a second bucket list. Hike Yosemite National Park, camp at the Instagrammable Joshua Tree National Park, cruise along the Pacific Coast Highway, stroll the Golden Gate Bridge, see the Hollywood sign up close, and soak up all of the beauty that this wonderful state has to offer.

Hit The Las Vegas Strip

Vegas is known for its bright lights and fun nights. You've gotta round up your girls to hit the strip at least once in your life. Check out all the bustling hotels, try your luck at the famous casinos, and people watch as the crowd comes alive once the sun goes down. It's an experience that can't be missed.

Stroll Through The Historic District In Charleston

If you want to experience southern charm for yourself, Charleston is one of the best places to start. Witness the exquisite, historical homes and cobblestone streets that will take you back in time! Don't forget to pack your Polaroid camera — because you'll want to take a ton of pictures of this gorgeous place.

See Puerto Rico's Bioluminescent Bay Up Close
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Aside from beautiful beaches and incredible salsa dancing, Puerto Rico is home to the bioluminescent Mosquito Bay. Basically, the bioluminescent organisms glow in the dark making it such a magical sight to experience up close, according to

The U.S. has something to offer to everyone — whether you're a nature lover or a city gal at heart. This list barely scratches the surface of the greatness that you can experience in the U.S., but it's a great place to start.