7 Meditative Steps That Will Help You Manifest The New Year You Deserve

by Georgina Berbari

Imagine you had the ability to create the world of your absolute dreams around you. According to the law of attraction (also known as "manifestation"), you are completely capable of making whatever you want appear in your life — if you truly believe it's possible. So, with the new year approaching, you're probably wondering how to manifest what you want in 2018, so that your New Year's resolutions don't get pushed aside and forgotten (yet again).

Though turning your dreams into reality through manifestation is possible, not many people know where to start. Manifestation, on the surface, can seem like a magical and mystical concept that is far out of your reach.

Elite Daily spoke with Los Angeles-based yoga instructor and health and wellness expert Sophie Jaffe, who swears by the power of manifestation, to shed some light on this powerful practice.

"Our thoughts are powerful," she says over email. "What we think, what we become — with the assistance of certain spiritual tools and [hard work], we can manifest the life we've always dreamed of."

Jaffe tells Elite Daily she personally strives for manifestation in her everyday life, not just when the new year comes around. But a change in the calendar is often the perfect opportunity for you to test out your own ability to manifest anything your heart desires.

So, when you’re ready to manifest your dreams for 2018, Jaffe recommends following these seven steps to bring your thoughts and goals out of your mind and into reality.

To Begin, Light A Candle

Turn your phone on airplane mode and light your favorite candle. This will set a gentle and soothing ambience throughout the room, and your silenced phone won't provide any distractions while you begin the process of bringing your thoughts into reality.

Staying in the present moment, without a single interruption, is absolutely key.

Gather Your Crystals

While manifestation is largely accomplished through the mind, concrete objects can play an important role in the overall process, as well. Jaffe tells Elite Daily that including a crystal or two in your manifestation ritual can really amplify the process of bringing your goals and dreams for 2018 to life.

There is an abundance of different crystals out there, and each one represents different meanings and powers. These iridescent, gleaming stones have the ability to hold, amplify, and transmit energy, turning the vibrations and thoughts we hold into reality.

Program Your Crystals

Simply buying a few crystals and hoping that they'll do their damn job is nowhere near enough. You actually have to direct them, program them, and literally tell them what you want in life.

"Hold your crystal(s) in your hand and begin to program them," Jaffe explains. "What do you want them to do for you? Give them a specific direction, like 'clear negative thoughts from my mind,' or 'clear old energy from our home to allow for new.'"

Whatever it is that you're looking to manifest for the new year is what you should dedicate and activate your crystals to do.

Cleanse Your Space With Sage And/Or A Palo Santo Stick

Sage and palo santo are two plant medicines that offer unique cleansing properties to your manifestation experience. Burning a bundle of sage is said to bring out inner clarity and wisdom while simultaneously destroying any negative energy that surrounds you. On the other hand, lighting a stick of palo santo will ground you, cleanse your space, and bring upon good fortune.

Both sacred objects have strong, ritualistic properties that have an important place in the art of manifesting your dreams.

Begin Journaling

After you've started burning your sage and/or palo santo, Jaffe recommends placing them beside you and pulling out a journal or piece of paper and a pen. "Journal for five straight minutes about your dream coming to life," she explains. "What does it look like? Smell like? What does it feel like to have your dream realized?" Immerse yourself in every last detail involving your dreams for the new year.

Sit In Silence

When you've written down everything that you'd like to manifest, and you feel satisfied with those intentions, close your journal, sit up nice and straight, close your eyes, and stay still in a comfortable, seated position.

Let the simplicity of the present moment wash over you. You are exactly where you need to be.

Close With Meditation

Jaffe recommends closing your manifestation by meditating for at least five to 10 minutes to allow space for dreaming and the opportunity to really see your dreams in your mind's eye.

Inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Allow the laws of the universe to go to work on your deepest desires.