7 Ways To Make Your First Apartment Without Roommates Feel Like Home Sweet Home

When you first ventured out on your own, you probably shared an apartment or house with a few roommates. So, when it's time for you to have your own place and live solo, it's a different ball game. Yeah, you always provided for yourself — even with roommates — but the dynamics of sharing a space were different than being alone. You might be curious about how to make your apartment feel like a home, because you've always had other people contributing to your humble abode.

When you lived with your parents, they were a huge part of what you considered home to be. And when you moved out with roommates, they had a major impact on your idea of home sweet home as well. So, how do you make a new space feel cozy and homey all on your own? It'll take a little decorating and mindset magic — but you are well on your way.

Getting your own apartment can seem like an exciting but also slightly scary experience, because everything is seemingly on you. But look at the bright side — you accomplished something awesome and you get to live in that milestone every day from now on. So, if the lease is signed, you've done your happy dance, and you're ready to move in, make sure you're keeping these tips in mind to get those home sweet home vibes circulating.

Hang Pictures Throughout Your Place
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Pictures are a surefire way to make your space feel like home. Let them vary and be a time capsule of various parts of your life. Your friends and family have always been something you associate with home. Even though they will just be pictures of them, it will make all the difference.

Make Sure You Always Have Your Favorite Foods On Hand
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When you had roommates, you might have not splurged on your favorite foods because fridge space was a rule and getting your food eaten would be too painful to watch.

Now that you have your own place, set your fridge and cabinets up with all of your favorites. Walking into your kitchen will be like a food wonderland tailored exclusively for you. Yum!

Bring Along A Special Item Or Two From Your Childhood
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Let's face it — so many of us have that one special trinket from childhood that always makes us smile. It can be a pair of baby shoes, a stuffed animal, a music box, or even a scrapbook you can't ever stop looking at. Whatever it may be, make sure you have it in your place and can see it whenever you want.

Ask Your Mom To Help You Decorate

Moms have the special touch. They can turn any average place and make it the most marvelous space ever.

Remember your college dorm? She worked wonders — and she won't hold back when it comes to your own apartment. Expect endless hugs and countless "I am so proud of you's," because showing some extra love is her only price for helping you out.

If You Have A Dining Room Table, Set It Up With Multiple Chairs
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Home shouldn't feel lonely. Yeah, you're on your own, but home has always been a place open to having visitors.

Setting your table with more than one chair won't make you feel so alone. It will be inviting and even if you are eating by yourself, you have made it so there's definitely space for someone else when you want to have guests.

Candles Are Your New BFFs
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Candles help you relax, get comfortable, and set a serene ambiance. These are all qualities of a home, so you should definitely explore them. Lighting even one candle in your room or living room will spark so many warm feels. You won't have any other choice but to classify your place as home, for real.

Make Your Room Extra Cozy
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Yes, this means purchasing curtains, lots of pillows, and a fluffy comforter. When you had roommates, your room was literally your small escape. It was only a place to rest your head. Now that you're on your own, you need to make it a space of absolute relaxation. Embrace the mindset of a safe haven for rainy days, tea, candles, or a lazy Sunday when you're decorating. Don't forget the string lights!

It might sound cheesy, but home really is where your heart is. By investing time and thought into putting your new place together, you'll love it that much more.