These Tide Pod-Inspired Foods Are For All The Smart People Who Don't Eat Soap

Most of us — but apparently not all of us — know that laundry detergent definitely isn't safe to eat. Who knew? (Hint: we did!) While it's honestly a simple concept, a large portion of our nation doesn't seem to know this. But for all of you who are just getting a total kick out of the irony behind our society's participation in the Tide Pod Challenge, you too can eat food that resembles Tide Pods, without having to eat actual Tide. So these Tide Pod-inspired foods are out here for all of you who are in on the joke — but the best part is, you definitely won't have to call Poison Control afterwards.

Food coloring can really work wonders, even when it comes to capturing the toxic chemical hues of neon orange, bleach-white, or electric blue. And after seeing the Tide-esque creations people have concocted, there's really no denying the ultimate power of food coloring. Between Tide-ified slices of pizza, shots, and even Jell-O, there are so many fun and non-toxic Tide Pod lookalike edible alternatives. So make sure to revel in the irony of The Tide Pod Challenge, and get your hands on some of these bizarre foods that look like laundry detergent. If you want, take these as inspiration to make your own.

1. Tide Pod Shots

Ever wanted to drink a Tide Pod? I personally haven't... but maybe I'm just a little weird. But Molly's Irish Grille & Sports Club in Bethelhem, Pennsylvania, created a shot that separately captures the blues and oranges of our fave laundry detergent. But if, like me, you're New York-based, Duff's in Brooklyn also does a Tide Pod shot. If you want to make it yourself, Molly's makes it with Bailey's Irish Cream, vodka dyed orange with food coloring, and blue Curacao, which is a citrus liqueur. So cheers to not getting sick after eating Tide Pods, right?

2. "PIEd Pod" Pizza

Vinnie's Pizzeria in Williamsburg, Brooklyn came out with what they're calling PIEd Pod pizza. Filled with "cheese and 'roni," these orange, blue, and white slices are confirmed to be "100% edible and 100% not soap." If you wanna make it yourself, just grab some dough, sauce, cheese, and food dye, because it's easy peasy. Just remember that real Tide will most definitely never taste this cheesy and delicious.

3. Jell-O Tide Pods

So... this might be a hot take, but even everyone's least favorite dessert, Jell-O, definitely tastes better than laundry detergent. And, again, with some of that magical and mysterious food dye, even people just like you and me can make Jell-O look exactly like those toxic chemicals in the Pods. A Jell-O Tide Pod recipe emerged from Tumblr, and was since deleted — but thankfully, it was up long enough for Twitter to get a hold of.

4. Tide Pod Sushi

Reddit user @Dweron answered all of our Japanese food cravings, and created by far the classiest of all the edible Tide Pods — which is, you guessed it: Tide Pod sushi. Tide Pod sushi, per Reddit, consists of a medley of carrots, purple cabbage, rice, and rice paper. Honestly, it really doesn't sound too bad, especially with a little wasabi and a whole lot of soy sauce.

5. Tide Pod Doughnuts

In my opinion, few things taste better than doughnuts, and I can tell you all for a fact that any doughnut (even the jelly kind), definitely surpasses the chemical taste of laundry detergent. But luckily, you can get some of that orange and blue glaze right in Canada at Vandal Doughnuts. If you're not planning on grabbing your passports and scheduling a road trip, just get a basic doughnut recipe and top it with a colorful glaze.

I hope none of you are seriously down to eat an actual Tide Pod, but if you suddenly have a lapse in judgement and crave something orange, blue, and enticingly round, make sure to grab some pizza or a make a doughnut with a little added food coloring. We can promise you that it tastes better than weird chemical burns in your mouth, and you definitely won't regret eating real food, instead.

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