How To Know You'll Be With Someone Forever, According To Real Women


When it comes to relationships, there are a few milestones people are always going on about. There's the moment a couple says "I love you" for the first time. There's the moment a couple gets engaged, and the moment they get married. But I think there's another subtle milestone we're quick to forget: the moment we just know we're meant to be with someone forever. For some people, it's one definitive moment. For others, it's shift in feelings. And for a few people, it's something instantaneous that happens the moment they meet someone. If you're wondering how to know if you'll be with someone forever, these women responded to a Reddit thread, offering up their own examples of the moments they knew their partners were their forever person.

Read along with these sweet anecdotes and see if you can relate.

You want to share everything with them.


You could talk to them forever.


You can count on them through thick and thin.


They understand you fully.


You want them to be your lifelong dance partner.


Your mood toward them gradually shifts.


They make you feel totally safe.


You feel happier than you've ever felt before.


They clean up after your messes.


Maybe the moment you know you're with your forever person will look nothing like any of the moments these women had, but the point is that one day you will have a moment where you just know — and it will be absolutely glorious.

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