How To Know You’ll Be Able To Handle Long-Distance, According To Real Women


So you've fallen head over heels in love, and you've started to fantasize about how amazing your life is going to be now that you have the bae of your dreams. But of course, the universe DGAF that you've found love, and somehow, you've ended up in a long-distance relationship. Let me tell you from firsthand experience: Figuring out how to handle a long-distance relationship isn't easy.

Depending on how committed both you and your partner are, you may very well be embarking on a journey through hell, complete with pitifully, emotional video chats, amazing reunions, and gut-wrenching goodbyes. But that doesn't mean that a happy ending isn't on the horizon for the two of you. With the right amount of commitment and hard work, long-distance relationships can most certainly work out. If you're wondering how you're going to survive, take some advice from our fellow sisters on Reddit, who dropped some wisdom on how they made LDRs work.

You Have An "End Plan"


You Have Goals To Keep You Occupied


You're Able To Focus On What You Have Instead Of What You're Missing


You're Both Willing To Put In The Effort


One Of You Is Willing To Relocate Eventually


You Have Things You Can Mutually Bond Over


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