7 Genius Ways To Deal With The Bestie Who's With Her SO 24/7

When your BFF is happy and all bundled up with their boo, you wish them nothing but the best. Although, you can't ignore the fact that she's with them 24/7 now and you can hardly get in any time with her. You're not trying to block her chance for romance or anything, but you don't want to feel like you've lost your friend, either. It's tough dealing with the friend who's always with her boyfriend or girlfriend, but it's not impossible.

It takes a little bit of a tactical approach, because you really don't want to seem like you are whining or sabotaging anything. You just want some time with your girl, and if this means getting a little stealthy, then so be it. We've all been there — that whole body feeling where being around someone romantically is all you want to do.

You don't want to strip anyone of that, but attaining time with your BFF is also at the top of your agenda. It's all about strategy, and you'll have to really utilize it to get her away for a bit from the enticing girl or guy in her life right now. Don't worry, you aren't breaking anyone up, you're only using a couple of genius ways to make it so you can spend time with her again.

Tempt Her With Her Favorite Food Or Activity

The good thing about having a BFF is that you know practically everything about them. This means you know those select food items she can never, ever pass up. In my opinion, food is the way to anyone's heart, even if hers is swollen with feels about her SO right now.

Bring Out The Secret Weapon — Your Fur Baby

Ever notice how pictures become 10 times cuter when you place a fur baby in them? Next time you are joking (but also really not joking) about spending time with your BFF, make sure you incorporate your fur baby in a pic or video. Your BFF may have learned to semi-overlook your puppy dog eyes, but no one is safe from your fur baby's.

Plan A Few Double Dates Together

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Going on a double date with your BFF and her SO will not only give you time to spend with her, but you can also really get to know her love interest as well. You've likely heard so much about them already, you might as well find out firsthand what the hype is all about.

Tell Her You're In Dire Need Of Girl Talk

Don't sleep on the summoning affects of a cry for girl talk. Girl talk is everything, and no matter how head-over-heels a person is over their SO, they can't ever really turn it down. Telling your BFF that major girl talk is in order will have her knocking on your door in just about no time.

Swoop Her Up Right After Work

Picking up your friend right after work is a prime time for you to spend with her. She has already spent the majority of the day away from her SO, so you aren't necessarily infringing on their one-on-one time. And if you're both over 21, you know there is so much to be talked about over a post-work cocktail.

Be Understanding

The biggest mistake friends make when their BFF is in a super-committed relationship that takes up most of their time is having a lack of understanding. Try to be mindful that this person is bringing your friend joy. Before you get too critical about what the relationship is doing to your friendship, understand that it is a valued relationship to your BFF.

Coordinate A Girls' Night

A girls' night is always embedded with such great memories and gives you ladies a time to catch up. Make sure this isn't impromptu or she is more likely to say it was too last minute and bail. Plan it in advance, and make sure you invite girls you both love hanging out with, but maybe don't get to see as often as you would like.

If your BFF is happy, you're happy. Making room for the important person in her love life doesn't mean your friendship has to suffer.