Carvel Is Giving Away Free Ice Cream In July With A Sweet BOGO Deal

by Collette Reitz

While it might seem like summer has only just begun, National Ice Cream Day is right around the corner on Sunday, July 15. OK, you have some time left to plan for how you will celebrate the summer holiday, but there is one deal you do not want to miss. Here's how to get free Carvel ice cream to celebrate National Ice Cream Day in the sweetest way this year.

Carvel is offering the classic buy-one-get-one deal in honor of the annual holiday that pays homage to the frozen dessert. Yes, you can get two tasty cones (or cups) of cold, creamy soft-serve ice cream for the price of one when you visit your local Carvel location on July 15, per Carvel. There isn't much more you could ask for on this almost too-good-to-be-true holiday.

To take advantage of the delicious deal, head to your favorite Carvel shop location during operating hours on July 15. When you buy any size soft-serve ice cream in a cup or a cone, you will get another cup or cone of soft-serve ice cream for free. Honestly, a perfectly swirled (free!) ice cream cone sounds like the best way to celebrate National Ice Cream Day. And since the deal is buy-one-get-one, you can share it with your fav ice cream partner. Now, that's what I call a win-win situation.


OK, you know what the frozen treat deal is, but now you need to decide which ice cream flavor you'll pick in celebration of the day's deal. There are plenty of great options from which to choose. According to Dave Fenner, Director of R&D for Carvel, you can count on two classic flavors in all locations. Fenner tells Elite Daily, "At a minimum, all of the shoppes offer vanilla and chocolate and at least two other flavors."

I've always been a fan of chocolate, but all of the flavors sound like a tasty way to enjoy summer and National Ice Cream Day. If you want to get really wild, you can try one of the rotating soft-serve ice cream flavors at Carvel. Be warned: You might not be able to find each flavor at every Carvel location, so I'd pick a few favorites to have as a back-up plan.

Fenner shared that Carvel customers are currently enjoying one of the shop's limited-time flavors. He tells Elite Daily, "Right now, for a limited time, customers are loving our Biscoff Cookie Butter soft ice cream." Um, yum! Beyond the popular vanilla and chocolate flavors, Fenner explains that other customer favorites include strawberry, black raspberry, and pistachio. I'm not sure that you could wrong with any of those flavors, but deciding on your favorite one could pose some trouble.


For those of you unfamiliar with Carvel and all of its ice cream goodness, you'll likely enjoy learning this fun tidbit about how it all started. Long before the first National Ice Cream Day in 1984, Tom Carvel invented soft-serve ice cream from the back of his ice cream truck in 1929.

Per Fenner, Carvel borrowed $15 to buy the truck, but then he hit a bump in the road. Believe it or not, you have car trouble to thank for the swirled goodness you enjoy in a cone all summer long. Carvel got a flat tire on his ice cream truck one day, and rather than calling it quits, he sold the melting ice cream from his truck, per the Carvel website. Surprisingly, people enjoyed the softer texture of the frozen sweets, and Carvel parlayed that discovery into the creation of soft-serve ice cream.

Usually, a flat tire isn't a good sign, but it's safe to say that soft-serve enthusiasts everywhere should be grateful for Carvel's tire problems in 1929.

It turns out that Carvel also recently expanded its interest beyond the ice-cream game. The ice cream shop recently teamed up with Captain Lawrence Brewing Company is Elmsford, New York to create "Fudgie the Beer." The limited-edition stout debuted on June 16, and it was made with Carvel chocolate crunchies and fudge (yum!). This brew seriously sounds like a 21-years-and-over chocolate ice cream fan's dream. Unfortunately, it's only available for a limited time at Captain Lawrence Brewing.

You can drown your tears over missing out on Fudgie the Beer in your free National Ice Cream Day cone from Carvel. Just remember to bring a friend, so you can take advantage of the BOGO goodness.