5 Ways To Flirt During Syllabus Week That Actually Worked For These Women

The first week of classes, AKA syllabus week, is notorious for being the "easy" week of college. Your professors tend to use class time to go over the syllabi (hence the nickname), and not assign too much work. Basically, your assignments for the week are to buy the textbooks, and maybe read a chapter or two. Since you're not yet overwhelmed with work, you can focus on other things — like meeting new people and putting feelers out for a possible hook-up or relationship. Wondering how to flirt during syllabus week? I've got you covered.

I spoke to recent college graduates and scoured Reddit to find out the best strategies for getting to know as many people as possible during syllabus week. These five stories will get you excited for classes to start, if only so you can start getting your flirt on.

While you can meet a best friend or a partner at any point during college, in my experience, some of the strongest friendships and relationships are formed during the first few weeks of freshman year. Make the most of orientation, welcome week, and syllabus week, and by mid-September, you'll have more numbers in your phone than you know what to do with. Here are five proven ways to flirt during syllabus week, according to real women.

Reignite an old flame.
I met a guy for .2 seconds last summer who was one of my roommates' friends from high school. We met in Miami at a club, and exchanged maybe a total of 10 words, basically 'nice to meet you,' and you look good,' or something like that, and then I never saw or heard of him again until a couple days before syllabus week started. He had just transferred to UF, and since he and my roommate knew each other from back home, he joined in on our other roommate's sign night, which is where we re-met each other. We spent that night and the night that followed talking, getting to know each other, and by the first or second day of syllabus week, we had sex. He remained my relatively steady hookup, until one of his friends who was also my friend told him to be careful, that I was a nice girl, and that he shouldn't play me. So, he backed off a little, and then I got with my current boyfriend, so that was the end of that. But for a solid month, he was my steadiest hookup. Now we're just friends.

— Julie*, 22

Leave the door to your dorm room open.
NixxyB on reddit
Hang out in a shared lounge space.
Talk to the person sitting next to you in class.
Get to know your floor-mates.
During syllabus week my freshman year, we always had the door open in my suite. I don't know if it's because I had flirty roommates, but somehow I got dragged into meeting all the guys on my floor. One night I went to bed, and two guys came over from our floor. One brought the stinkiest dumplings of all time (mind you, I'm Asian). I was trying to sleep and I couldn't so I finally marched up to him and asked him to take his stinky dumplings elsewhere. He eventually became my first college boyfriend, because somehow he liked that I yelled at him.

— Stephanie*, 23

If you're determined to start the school year off right, these ideas for locking something down during the first week of classes might be just the inspiration you need.

*Name has been changed.

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