5 Sneaky Ways To Figure Out Your Girlfriend's Ring Size Before You Buy Her Jewelry


If you want your engagement to really be a surprise, and your partner hasn't dropped loads of hints about all things rings, you may need to do some digging on how to figure out your girlfriend's ring size all on your own. Because someone's ring size isn't really a casual thing to mention in conversation, your stealthiness is absolute key. Just pretend you're Betty Cooper on any given day and you'll be set. (If you don't get that reference, then you don't watch Riverdale, and should be ashamed.)

When you pop the question, you want to be sure the ring is sized correctly, and in the style she wants. These details will make the proposal all the better if you both don't have to go back to a jeweler later to resize the ring. I know if/when (I'm cynical right now) someone proposes to me, if any detail is off I may get anxious about everything I would need to fix. That would probably be running through my mind more so than the actual fact that I was just proposed to. It may sound too dramatic, but these moments are super important and you want to make sure you prepare. Also, maybe I should learn how to relax.

Here are some easy ways to find out her ring size, so you can get on with that special proposal.


While your significant other is deep asleep catching some Z's, quietly wrap a paper ring sizer around her left ring finger. Try to do this without shining your iPhone flashlight in her eyes, and don't shuffle with the paper too much, as it'll be noisy and blow your cover. This is going to be the most foolproof method in finding out her ring size without her knowing. Unless, of course, she wakes up. I can't help you then.

Ask Her Friend

She may be dropping Easter eggs to those closest to her for this very mission. Casually ask her mom, sister, or best friend. Do your due diligence, because maybe they do know her ring size. This option does, though, run the risk they tell her you asked – just something to remember, if you want her to be totally surprised.

Take Her Ring In

Bring one of her rings that she wears on her left ring finger in to a jeweler and size it there. The professionals will know how to figure out the sizing better than you, and this way, you have no doubts on whether you did anything incorrectly. Make sure you take in a ring you know fits, and one she doesn't wear everyday – so she doesn't suspect a thing.

Play Dress-Up

Have her try on someone else’s ring in front of you at a party or family gathering. This one leans to the obvious, but if you're in a serious relationship and have discussed getting married, she probably already knows you're considering proposing anyway.

Ask Her

This is my personal favorite strategy and ensures you won't mess the ring-sizing up. If your girlfriend is a bit obsessive about getting details right and would probably freak out over any small error, this is the way to do it. Ask her her ring size. She'll appreciate your consideration in making things run smoothly for when you do ask her the big question.

Also, don't forget to pick up on hints about her dream ring. Once you know her size, and picked out the ring, all that's left is the unforgettable proposal.

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