Feel Less Lonely On Valentine’s Day With These 10 Brilliant Coping Strategies

by Candice Jalili

As someone who was not in her first real relationship until the not-so-ripe age of 23, I know what it's like to be single on Valentine's Day. I'm not even a big Valentine's Day person but it can be hard not to feel acutely aware of your singleness when every couple in your life feels compelled to flaunt their love in your face on this one day of the year. If you are all too familiar with that feeling and are left wondering how to feel less lonely on Valentine’s Day, I come bearing pointers!

A recent Reddit AskWomen thread asked women to share what they do when they're feeling lonely and...break out your iCal, my friends, because they've got some great ideas for things to do.

Go for a long walk with your pet.

Very long walks with my four legged buddy.


Either play video games or cook.

Play video games. Just get lost in a world that isn't real.
Or cook I love cooking to get my mind off things.


Look for some gratification online.

I might post some new art online so that I can thank people for comments or compliments. It's kind of stupid, but those things mean so much to me. I could be having a bad day because I'm lonely, but after I read two nice comments from some thoughtful people I feel 100% better.


Immerse yourself in a new hobby.

Ive just gone through a break up and feel incredibly lonely, try to pick up a new hobby, maybe that would help. I thought back to things that used to give me joy when I was a child to help me think of a hobby id like, for me that was designing and drawing clothes on models, I might even pick up textiles. Its always nice to maybe just go for a walk to the park so that you can be around people too, and get some fresh air. When my social anxiety was really bad and I couldn't talk to people at all, that really helped me.


Snuggle up with your feline friend in bed.

Watch Law and Order in bed with my cat. She loves to snuggle in bed so she really brightens my day and never fails to lift my mood. She is very affectionate and loves being held and petted. If I cant find anything to watch Ill color or draw (whatever catches my fancy), Ill play video games, clean up around the house.


Turn to your friends.

Reach out to my friends or do my hobbies


Watch a movie, preferably a rom-com.

I watch a movie. Usually a rom-com or drama. But if I’m feeling really really lonely, I usually watch dr. Zhivago. Not the miniseries, but the really long movie LOL the one with Julie Cristie in it and Omar Sharif


Work out with other people.

Take a group workout class!


Go chill at your local coffee shop.

I like to go to a coffee shop to be around other people. I’ll do a variety of things: read, write, play solitaire. It’s just nice to be around others.


Remember your mom was your BAE before any other dorks made their way into your life.

Call my mom. Well right now I live with her so I'll go talk to her.


Even if calling your mom or hanging at your local coffee shop don't seem that appealing to you, don't fret! You can still have a nice Valentine's Day...even if you're single. The trick is to do something that truly makes you happy. No matter what that is.

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