This Job Will Pay You To Travel The Country In Pursuit Of A New Yogurt Flavor

Let's face it: Finding a job that pays you to do what you actually love can be pretty hard. While you might not mind that 9-to-5 of yours, many of you have probably been sitting at the same desk you've been sitting at since 9 a.m., barely surviving on watered-down coffee while anxiously watching the seconds go by. Trust me, I know there are better things out there. Since there's a good chance you'd rather be traveling and eating than sitting at that cubicle, here's how to enter Noosa's flavor finder contest. You could potentially win the job of your dreams, and it sounds seriously rad.

On April 4, Noosa Yoghurt, an all-natural Colorado-based yogurt company, announced their latest contest, and the prize sounds beyond ideal for all of you travel-loving foodies out there. According to a press release, five lucky winners will receive the summer-long job title as Noosa's Flavor Finder. The position starts off with an all-expenses paid trip to their Colorado yogurt farm, which is followed by a nationwide trek to explore different food trends throughout the country. The ultimate goal will be to hopefully discover new yogurt flavors, and it honestly sounds so amazing.

Per the press release, winners will also receive a sweet stipend of $2,000 to fund any and all food and travel adventures. So, winners will literally get paid to eat and travel all day long. So get ready to bid your beloved cubicle a not-so-heartfelt farewell, and get ready to live the nomadic summer of your dreams.

There are two different ways to enter Noosa's Flavor Finder contest, according to the press release. And thankfully, neither of them require any job applications, a CV, or any pesky formal cover letters. The first way to enter Noosa's contest is through Twitter or Instagram. Noosa Yoghurt fans can share any one of their own original food photos that they think represents their ideal Noosa flavor. Including a tub of Noosa Yoghurt in the photo is optional, and a caption describing their flavor inspo is 100 percent mandatory. Don't forget to tag @noosayoghurt and #flavorfindercontest, though, because those tags are absolutely required in order to officially enter.


If you're not all about that social media life, don't worry, because you still have the chance to win... and the best part is that all you need is internet access. Aspiring contestants can simply upload their photo and caption directly to the Noosa Yoghurt website instead of doing it via Twitter or Instagram. Make sure to include the same type of caption — explaining your "foodie flavor" inspiration — and definitely don't forget to include those required tags for entry.

According to the press release, Noosa will be judging the Flavor Finder winner based on the photo, caption, and flavor originality, as well as how appealing the suggested flavor sounds. A panel of judges will review the results, and the five winners will be officially announced on May 7, 2018. I'm totally planning my yogurt flavor post as we speak — and no, I'm not going to tell you my idea. I am dead set on winning this, and pretty soon, I'll be kicking back on a yogurt farm.


OK, so, I know for a fact that getting paid to eat and travel absolutely beats any 9-to-5 imaginable. Instead of sitting at a computer all day, you could literally rake in that cash money by traveling to Colorado and throughout the United States, exploring yogurt farms, testing flavors, and researching flavor trends. Is there anything better than that? Seriously, if there is, let me know — but if you're not entering the contest while you're sitting at your work desk, I'm high key judging you. Get on that.