How To Enjoy A Night Out With Friends, Even When You All Have Different Budgets

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I'm no stranger to navigating the awkward-yet-common scenario of wanting nothing more than to have a memorable night out with friends, but also being on totally different pages when it comes to deciding what to do together. Maybe I just got paid and I'm hoping to hit up a restaurant I've been eyeing, but ugh, my friend just moved and she's a bit strapped for cash. Now what?

While it may feel like your options are suddenly limited, the truth is that you'll just need to think outside of your usual favorite haunts to make sure that the stress of paying for dinner, show tickets, or drinks isn't a common theme of the night. Since this is a problem that I'm willing to bet literally every millennial can relate to, Elite Daily is excited to partner with Venmo to offer up a few suggestions for enjoying a quality night out, sans financial stress.

Read on to pick up a few ideas, then click over to check out the new Venmo card*, which is nothing short of a lifesaver when you're trying to keep track of expenses — and of course, ultimately get paid back after all is said and done.

Be Honest About How Much You Want To Spend

Because the easiest way to find yourself overspending on a night out with your friends is to not tell them upfront that you want to stay mindful of costs. From the second your group text starts buzzing about plans, setting expectations for how much cash you are (or aren't!) willing to drop on any given night will help set a tone that everyone can agree on.

Check Out This Cool Way To Keep Track Of Your Spending
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If you're the person who's literally always hounding your friends to pay you back after a night out (or even if you're the friend being hounded...), you're going to love the new Venmo Mastercard®. The card pulls from your current Venmo balance, then if needed it'll pull from a linked checking account you've provided. Plus, with the card you can split charges between friends who have Venmo, making divvying up everything from show tickets to dinner super quick and simple.

Scout Out Events That Are Fun At Different Budget Levels
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From summer carnivals to fall festivals to even a casual night of bowling, local community calendars are always packed with fun things to do that don't always require a ton of money. Check out your town's website to find out what's happening locally that could make for an entertaining (and super affordable) night out.

Don't Be Afraid To Suggest A Plan That Works For You
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Say it with me: "Suggesting my favorite restaurant over and over again does not make me the cheap friend!" If you're down to hang with your friends but aren't totally willing to make the financial commitment, then speak up and suggest an option that you know works well for you. In the event your friends aren't feeling your choice of venue, at the very least you've let them know what kind of budget you're working with, and they're free to suggest something comparable!

Consider Turning A Night Out Into A Night In
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No shame! Also, there's something so nice about being able to set (and live by!) your own house rules. Put together a solid playlist, order in a few pizzas, and spend the night taking it easy among great company.

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