You Can Be On Kraft's Super Bowl Commercial If You Follow These Easy Steps


Usually, Super Bowl commercials feature celebrities young and old. Whether a famous singer is belting out a song or your favorite Netflix star is showing off their acting skills in the ad, someone from Hollywood is probably featured it in. Luckily, one company is taking the Super Bowl spotlight away from the celebrities and giving it to the viewers. That's right: If you're watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 4, you have a chance to be featured in Kraft's commercial. Pretty sweet, right? If you're into being famous for a second, here's how to be on Kraft's Super Bowl commercial.

To be honest, the process is pretty easy. All you have to do is share a photo of you with your family on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #FamilyGreatly or #KraftEntry. You must submit your photos between 6 a.m. ET and 8:30 p.m. ET on Game Day to be considered, according to Kraft. Then, during the second half of Super Bowl LII, Kraft will air their 30-second long commercial featuring select families who submitted photos. The commercial will be made in real time, with real photos and real families. So whether your fam is devouring nachos during the game or cheering for their favorite team, strike a pose and submit your photo. You never know — you might get the 30 seconds of fame you always wanted.

Check out a teaser for Kraft's commercial below.

So, why is Kraft focusing on families instead of celebrities, anyway? In my opinion, families are much more relatable than a Hollywood starlet, but their reasoning goes far beyond stardom. The commercial will feature "family-generated content" so Super Bowl viewers can show off how they "family" (yes, "family" like a verb).

Kraft's new family-centric brand began in December 2017, and their main focus is to celebrate everyone's right to #FamilyGreatly. Anne Field, director of brand building for Kraft, talked about the DIY commercial in a press release. She said,

We’re excited to give families center stage in our Super Bowl commercial. We’re calling on all families, families like yours — however you define it — to show us all the great ways you family. Because as long as you do it with love and conviction, there’s no one right way to family.

To be honest, Kraft's new brand is giving me all the feels. Some of my favorite memories are watching the Super Bowl with my family while eating tons of delicious apps and aimlessly cheering for our favorite team. Mind you, I don't actually like football. I know nothing about it, but I do know that I love my family (and food). Time spent with loved ones and yummy snacks is always a good time — and this year, I'll snap a picture. Who knows, maybe we'll be featured on Kraft's commercial stuffing our faces with nachos. That'd be OK.

Before you start planning your family's pose during the big night, you should probably refresh yourself on some details about Kraft. This way, if you're chosen to be on screen, you'll know WTF you're talking about when you tell all of your friends about it. For starters, Kraft began selling cheese in 1903 (it's been a while), and has expended tremendously throughout the years. You might know them for their Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Kraft Natural Cheese, and Kraft Singles. If you're more of a condiment gal, you might know them for Kraft Mayo, Kraft Salad Dressing, and Kraft BBQ sauce. Either way, if you're a cheese lover, chances are you know what Kraft is.

Now that you know all of the cheesy Kraft deets, and how to submit your photo to their commercial during the game, get your family together and strike a pose.