How This DJ-Slash-Musical Director Made The Most Of Her Work Trip To Los Angeles

By Tiff McFierce

“You have such a cool job!” is what people tell me all the time. I am a multi-hyphenate entertainer and entrepreneur, whose jobs include but are not limited to: musical director, DJ, host, speaker, and event curator. Whichever brand, celebrity, venue, or individual enlists me with setting their soundtracks is also trusting me to cultivate a great vibe that leaves them feeling fulfilled, chill, and just plain good about life.

I knew I wanted to DJ since I was eight years old. I started dancing at the age of four, going on to dance professionally on the commercial dance scene until 2016. I’ve toured with artists, done music videos, commercials, worked on movie sets — you name it. Music and movement are my language! I started learning to DJ in 2011, teaching myself the basics on borrowed equipment because I couldn’t afford to buy any at the time. I dedicated myself to my new craft while building my brand and businesses. Now, I’m at that point in my career where I'm often traveling for work, and I love that it’s a big part of my job.

I’ve been across the country, even around the world, but traveling for work leaves little room for consistency when it comes to wellness routines, socializing, or even getting around town. I want all the things — work and play — without sacrificing one for the other. On a recent trip, I was lucky enough to partner with Hilton Hotels & Resorts, which put all the amenities and services at my fingertips so I could accomplish just that!

That trip? I headed to LA for a few whirlwind days of back-to-back projects. I was directing and leading a curated music meditation through my wellness brand, Look IN vs Lookin’, at a private dinner for a well-known social media company. I was DJ-ing a Hollywood party, shooting a photoshoot, and taking some big meetings. On top of that, I was craving some sun and warmth before a brutal NYC winter arrived back home. I stayed at THE perfect location to be in full boss mode, The Beverly Hilton. Here’s how Hilton Hotels & Resorts made sure my trip wasn’t "all work and no wellness" so Tiff McFierce could be her most inspired self!

1. I Saved Time Without Sacrificing Comfort

Tiff McFierce

"I ain’t got time for that" is a refrain I use a lot while I'm traveling, especially for work. I'm on a very tight work schedule while simultaneously trying to live my best life, so every minute counts. Lucky for me, I could expedite the process of checking in and choosing my room through the Hilton Honors app. When I touched down at LAX, it was just a few taps on my phone, and voila!

Tiff McFierce

I arrived at the gorgeous Beverly Hilton where the front desk Team Member welcomed me, saw I was already set through my Hilton Honors app, and let me know my room was ready. In fact, my room was extra ready — equipped with a very large terrace, overlooking the famous Aquastar Pool. Above it was a projection screen playing classic Hollywood video clips as light, soothing music floated up from the terrace. As a performer and musical director, you know that ambience is EVERYTHING to me. I felt right at home for my stay, but also like a totally fabulous movie star. After all, this is the hotel famous for hosting a bevy of iconic Hollywood events, so it makes sense.

Image provided by Hilton Hotels & Resorts

2. I Had All The Amenities At My Fingertips

Owen Duckett

At The Beverly Hilton, the days of calling the front desk for everything you need are over. Each room comes with a trusty in-room tablet where you can access many of the hotel's services and amenities, from room service, to laundry service, to spa bookings, and general information. This gave me plenty of time to meet my deadlines, answer e-mails from three different time zones, and meditate on my gorgeous terrace (self-care and all)! I ordered room service, extra towels, laundry service, and of course — my personal driver with the house car. Sometimes I ordered things simultaneously, and there was no mix up! The in-room tablet makes service quick, while still keeping it personable and user-friendly.

3. I Rode In Style, On The House!

Tiff McFierce

As per usual, I needed to change quickly right after check-in and run out for an event that was luckily only a couple of minutes away. With an easy click of the in-room tablet, I was able to request the sleek house car for pickup in 30 minutes. The Beverly Hilton offers a courtesy car that guests can take for rides (on the house) within a mile radius. (In L.A., this mile actually goes a long way). Being from New York, I'm used to trains and ride-sharing apps, but private cars are way better when it comes to bouncing from one important appointment to the next. The house car was just that — my personal, shiny private car at my fingertips my entire stay! All I needed to do was to set my exact pickup time via the in-room tablet, and I was in business.

4. I "Upgraded" My Gym & Spa Experience

Owen Duckett

With the back-to-back gigs and appointments, I was craving a little "me" time. Luckily, I had reserved an hour for that, which I decided to devote to exploring the treatments at the in-house spa Upgrade Labs at The Beverly Hilton. A wellness and fitness retreat for your mind and body, the main mission of Upgrade Labs is functional health and wellness, which is my jam.

This luxurious healthy and fitness retreat offers over 15 customized high-tech experiences for your brain and body. Designed as an escape from the outside world, the futuristic spa immerses you in strength and recovery technologies designed to power you up, chill you out, and rejuvenate you inside and out.

That being said, Upgrade Labs was the perfect choice to put me in the calm head space right before DJ-ing a big party. As I walked in, the entire staff warmly greeted me at the front desk. The spa specialist Heidi, who was so knowledgeable, was right there to take me through my treatments.

Owen Duckett

First, I was given a thorough InBody Cell Health Analysis. The technology used for this is similar to what professional athletes use to get precise measurements of cellular health, inflammation levels, and much more. InBody is considered to be 98 percent accurate, and Heidi sat with me and went through my readings thoroughly. My other favorite treatment was the Big Squeeze, which is exactly what it sounds like! I put on a pair of funky linen pants (see above) and hopped into Balancer Pro Compression Pants that promote lymphatic drainage to reduce inflammation and stress levels, and increase my energy. After a couple more treatments — including a B vitamin shot, and some time in the infrared sauna — I felt amazing, and it helped me de-stress before a busy work day. There are a plethora of upgrade treatments you can try. I will definitely be back to experience more and to keep up with my InBody analysis progress.

Owen Duckett

Afterward, I headed straight to The Beverly Hilton’s world-class restaurant, Circa 55 to experience Upgrade Labs healthy Power Lunch menu. The treatments do work up your appetite, so I opted for the delicious Skuna Bay salmon and salad. So good!

5. I Hosted My Friends For An After-Work Happy Hour

Tiff McFierce

The Beverly Hilton isn't merely the perfect place to host your entertainment power lunch. It's also a great happy hour venue to invite your friends to enjoy when you're done with work. Their chic yet casual restaurant and bar — Circa 55 — serves contemporary food both indoors and outdoors, right next to that lovely pool. Instead of sitting in LA traffic to meet my friends, I easily reserved a table by the pool and fire pit (using my in room tablet once again)! I know plenty of people locally, and it was great to be able to have my friends come to me to save some time.

Since we were meeting up at the iconic Beverly Hilton, it was hardly a hard sell. When we all sat down for happy hour, My friends and I were greeted by Chef Colleen, who brought out a decadent seafood platter, as well as some champagne and delicious craft cocktails. I chose the Beverly Bellini, and it was just as refreshing as it looked! Ambience and a tasty menu truly make for great quality time.

Tiff McFierce

I came, I saw, and I conquered this LA work trip! My events were a success, and the soundtracks I created were well-received. Everyone including myself was super zen after the music meditation I curated, and I got ample work done on other projects I had going on during my stay. The services and hospitality of Hilton Hotels & Resorts made this all possible, with their world-class amenities. At the end, I sat in my comfy hotel robe working while looking over my terrace and realized how relaxed I felt this trip. I was happy I got to unwind, see friends, and get everything done. You can have it all, at least when you stay at The Beverly Hilton!

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