How Tall Are These 30 Celebrity Couples? It's Surprising

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Have you ever wondered how tall your favorite celebrity couples are? Well, wonder no more, my friend. Celebrity heights are oddly fascinating. It's fun to know which stars you could see eye to eye with, and exactly how it would feel to stand next to royalty. I've done extensive research and I come bearing the heights of every single one of your favorite couples.

Some of my findings surprised me — like, did you know Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are the exact same height? Or that Dax Shepard is over a foot taller than Kristen Bell? Also, was it just me or did nobody else expect Cole Sprouse to be almost 6 feet tall? Some of the findings are more predictable. I wasn't shocked to learn that A-Rod is up there, and I always thought Sophie Turner seemed a bit taller than Joe Jonas.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the average height for the American man is 5 foot 9, while the average height for the American woman is 5 foot 4. And while there's certainly nothing average about any of these stars, more of them than you'd expect fall right around these heights. Stars — they're just like us.

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