How Summer Changes In Your 20s When You're More Spontaneous With Your Life

Living your life on the spontaneous side is an exceptional feeling in your 20s. You're curious, carefree, and finding yourself along the way. During the summer, you're ready for more than just the warmer temps. You want to have some summer fun that's worth looking back on years later. That's only a taste of how your summer changes in your 20s when you're more spontaneous and down for the adventure.

Spontaneity is more than a mindset. It's a lifestyle that requires you to be open to every possibility the universe has in store for you. Throughout your 20s, you need a little bit of spontaneity in order to keep things interesting. It helps you experience things through a different lens, and you'll be living your best life in just about no time.

Summer already evokes a sense of urgency from us to fully embrace those chill afternoons spent at the beach, and gazing up at the starry sky once nighttime rolls around. When any form of spontaneity is involved with summer, you are in for an unforgettable ride. Are you ready? Here's how you can expect your summer to change during your 20s once you take a walk on the adventurous side.

Many Times, Your Plan Is To Have Absolutely No Plan

A well-thought-out plan works wonders, but when you're living that spontaneous life, it's not necessary. Actually, many of your memorable experiences in the summer will stem from not having a plan at all. Maybe you'll stumble upon a cool new beach bar, or pack up the car for a last-minute road trip. Either way, you don't need a plan to live life to the fullest, especially in the summer.

You Attempt To Check As Many Things Off Your Bucket List As Possible

You know how you normally contemplate obstacle one, two, and three before you put a bucket list item on the back burner? Not anymore. Even if you don't get through most of your bucket list items, your mind is set on accomplishing as many as you can. The universe is calling, and your wanderlust is bound to answer.

You Become A "Yes" Person

You should never relinquish your right to say "no," but when you are being spontaneous throughout the summer months, you have such a better understanding of when saying "yes" will really benefit you. In fact, you might find yourself saying "yes" to plans, long weekend trips, and thrilling adventures more often than usual. It's a gateway for more epic times to come.

You Meet Plenty Of New People

There's something about living up your summer that makes you a social butterfly. You want to meet as many new people as possible and experience new things with them. Think about it — summer is the best time to meet people, because they're more likely to be in vacay mode.

You Aren't Really Stressing Over The Days You Have To Work

When you're more spontaneous, you become more mindful as well. You aren't ignorant to your responsibilities, and you take work for what it is — a part of life. But, once the clock hits 5 p.m. on a Friday, you're so ready to welcome weekend plans with open arms once again. I mean, how else are you going to fund those last-minute beach house trips with the squad?

You Find Adventures In The Most Unexpected Places

Adventure is whatever you make of it. You'll attract different kinds of adventure throughout the summer, because you aren't pressuring yourself into controlling every single moment. You let them unfold freely, without a jam-packed itinerary.

You Don't Waste Time On Fake People

During summer, you really don't let petty things cramp your vibes. When the sun is shining, all you want to do is snap your fingers and be transported to the surf and sand (no fake friends invited). When you're cruising down the road of spontaneity to the beach, you naturally dodge those toxic people and focus on the friends who are down to make the most of this awesome time of year with you.

You're Open To Summer Romance

Romance hardly ever comes to those who are persistently looking for it. It can be as unexpected as your spontaneity. Don't be surprised if you find your own Danny Zuko on the beach and start singing "Summer Lovin" like your name is Sandy. Your are giving off such good, positive vibes, how could someone not be attracted to that?

Your summer and your 20s have one key thing in common: They don't last forever. A word from the wise? As long as spontaneity is involved, you aren't dreading the next season or decade.