Why Yes, Yes I Would Spend All My Savings On Diptyque's Advent Calendar

Courtesy of Diptyque

It's (almost) the most wonderful time of the year, which means it's time to start perusing Advent calendars. Whether you participate in celebrating Advent or not, getting a fun little treat every day is a fun way to ring in the holidays, and this year, I've decided to go bougie and splurge on one of the most coveted calendars of all time. How much is Diptyque's 2019 Advent Calendar, you ask? It's not exactly cheap, but given all that's inside, it's a great value for money, and I'm buying it. Don't fight me on this one, guys! I deserve this ~luxurious~ advent calendar, and TBH, you might deserve it, too. Treat yourself.

Known for irresistible candles in decadent packaging, Diptyque launches beautiful products year-round, but the brand really goes ham during the holidays. In addition to a gorgeous, festive range of home and body goodies, Diptyque drops an Advent calendar every single year, and prior to now, I've spent multiple consecutive years wishing I owned one. That said, no more! This year's calender is simply too good to pass up, and I won't be depriving myself any longer. As of October 16, the calendar is now shoppable on the Diptyque website, where you can get a peek at what this year's version has in store (And, in drawer! See what I did there?) for all 25 days.

Let's start with this year's packaging, designed by German artist Olaf Hajek:

Courtesy of Diptyque

Gorgeous! I'm loving how the unexpected pale blue background makes the traditional Christmas color palette of red, green, navy, and gold look fresh and new. The packaging is in line with the rest of this year's holiday lineup, called the Lucky Charms collection, which will hit the site on October 22.

Opening from the center, the calendar reveals 25 numbered drawers, each containing their own lucky charms:

Before I rave about what's inside, let's talk pricing. The Lucky Charms Advent Calendar retails for a cool $425, and while some say you can't put a price on luxury, I'd argue you apparently can, and said price is $425. If luxe fragrance is your passion, you'll certainly be getting your money's worth.

Out of 25 boxes, 11 in this year's calendar will contain mini candles:

Courtesy of Diptyque

Nice! That includes iconic scents like Santal, Roses, Lys, Ambre, Bais, Tuberose, and Fue de Bois, just to name a few. In addition to candles, the lineup includes Eau De Parfum and Eau De Toilette 10ml vials, scented gestures including a Rose Water Scent Patch and a shower oil, and skincare goodies like the Infused Face Oil and the Rich Cream. There are also three limited-edition metal pendants, meant to serve as lucky charms.

Convinced it's worth the coin? Here's how to snag it:

In addition to shopping the Lucky Charms Advent Calendar ($425, on the Diptyque website, you can also find it in Diptyque stores, as well as major retailers including Nordstrom, Neimans and Saks Fifth Avenue. If you're looking to ball out on a bougie gift this season, this advent calendar is one of the one that keeps on giving, with enough products packed inside to hold you over until next year's version debuts.