ColourPop Is About To Drop Kickass, Colorful Liquid Eyeliners For Less Than $10

Courtesy of ColourPop

Just a few weeks ago, ColourPop, the fast fashion of beauty brands, announced they were adding yet another product category to their roster: mascara. Then, they surprised us by rolling out said mascara in six additional, brightly hued shades. Now, ColourPop's new BFF Eyeliner is here to brighten up your eye look even more and perfectly pair with your new favorite mascara — and it'll only cost you $8 a pop.

In case you haven't been introduced to the ColourPop BFF Mascara ($8, ColourPop), just know it took 13 months and over 5,000 combinations of brushes and formulas to create. It's called BFF Mascara because, just like your best friend, this formula will ride with you through all the highs and lows in your life, like a true freaking friend. "Introducing the BFF Mascara, she’s with you from thin to thick. BFF will never let you down, instantly lifts lashes while volumizing and lengthening in the blackest black formula," reads a description on the brand's website.

ColourPop's all new BFF Liquid Liner is the first-ever ultra-fine felt-tip liner pen created by the brand. The precision felt tip is flexible enough to create everything from the thinnest line hugging your lashes to a full-on cat eye in one easy swipe. As if that wasn't enough, the super pigmented formula gives you tons of color and long-wearing, transfer-resistant wings that last you all day and night.

Courtesy of ColourPop

BFF Liquid Liners will be available in classic black and six colorful shades for $8 each. Peep below for a closer look at each of the bright shades.

BFF Liquid Liner in Make Luv

Courtesy of ColourPop

Make Luv is a bright canary yellow that actually pairs so well in this metallic pink shadow combo.

BFF Liquid Liner in Graceland

Courtesy of ColourPop

Finally, a true white eyeliner shade that actually goes on super opaque and so pigmented.

BFF Liquid Liner in MIA

Courtesy of ColourPop

This burgundy red eyeliner paired with burgundy lashes (from the ColourPop BFF Mascara collection) makes brown eyes sparkle better than a classic liner ever could.

BFF Liquid Liner in Ducky

Courtesy of ColourPop

This bright bubble gum pink shade is so cute, yet still looks so effortlessly cool when used to create dramatic, graphic eyeliner shapes like the one above.

BFF Liquid Liner in The Hills

Courtesy of ColourPop

If you never considered wearing an emerald green eyeliner, think again. This bright wing looks so modern and fun.

BFF Liquid Liner in CRZY

Courtesy of ColourPop

If you're bored of you go-to black eyeliner, consider swapping your everyday liner for this deep sapphire blue shade. You still get the dark color you want with a little more fun. Extra points if you pair it with the matching mascara.

BFF Liquid Liner in Numero Uno

Courtesy of ColourPop

Because we will never truly say goodbye to our beloved black eyeliner, ColourPop is also offering one in black, too. Still, as seen above, you can update your classic black cat eye with an added stroke of one of the other bright colors.

The brand new ColourPop BFF Liquid Liner will be available on ColourPop's website beginning Feb. 15 (the best post-Valentine's present ever). If I were you, I'd set an alarm and act fast, because just like a really good friend, these colorful liners are sure to be hard to come by.