ColourPop Is Launching Their First-Ever Mascara That'll Be Your New BFF & It Only Costs $8

by Stephanie Montes
Courtesy of Colourpop

ColourPop is arguably one of the most major success stories in the beauty industry. It started with a range of $5 eye shadows that packed a seriously pigmented punch and expanded to an entire makeup line complete with foundations, concealers, lipsticks, and brow products. It even launched a skincare spinoff line called Fourth Ray Beauty. Seemingly the only product ColourPop didn't have under its belt was a mascara, until now! Luckily, I got all the deets on ColourPop's new BFF Mascara.

If you're wondering what took the brand so long to launch a mascara (since it already offers everything else under the sun, I had been wondering for a while too!), it took 13 months to create the perfect formula. Hey, good things take time, right? After testing over 5,000 combinations of brushes and formulas, it finally signed off on its newest creation: the brand new BBF Mascara ($8, ColourPop).

It's called BFF Mascara because, just like your best friend, this formula will ride with you through all the highs and lows in your life, like a true freaking friend. "Introducing the BFF Mascara, she’s with you from thin to thick. BFF will never let you down, instantly lifts lashes while volumizing and lengthening in the blackest black formula," reads a description on the website. "The unique twisted nylon fiber brush is shaped to comb through each lash from root to tip, delivering a buildable look that never clumps. Who needs flakes in their life when you have BFF? No flaking, no bs, just a ride-or-die formula."

Just as the description claims, you can expect lashes for days with this formula and brush combo. Plus, the formula is super black, perfect for making your peepers pop.

Of course, the brand didn't stop at just black mascara. The mascara also comes in the brightest variations of red, blue, yellow, teal, purple, and pink. No matter what you're wearing or what you're feeling, there's a BFF mascara to match that mood.

From the looks of it, the brightly colored mascaras look even more pigmented than your typical colored mascaras, meaning if you're big into bold looks this year, BFF mascara can help you achieve it.

Courtesy of ColourPop

While the formula is sure to be your new go-to, it's what's on the outside that counts, too! The mascara is packaged in the cutest tube that looks like it jumped straight off the page of one of my middle-school journals. It's a white tube covered in cute doodles of stars, hearts, and the letters BFF. There's absolutely no doubt it's about to become the cutest item in your makeup bag.

Courtesy of ColourPop

And here's where things get even better. Just as expected, ColourPop kept the price point low on what's sure to be the next addition to your collection. The ColourPop BFF Mascara will sell for just $8! And you have zero time to wait to get your hands on it, because ColourPop's BFF Mascara is already available for purchase exclusively on ColourPop's website.