ColourPop's Big Box Of Lippie Stix Is So Cheap It's Almost Unbelievable

by Kelsi Zimmerman

If your makeup motto is "more is more" then ColourPop's Big Box of Lippie Stix should be your next purchase as you'll be getting more lipsticks and saving more money. The box contains 48 — yes, you read that right — shades of ColourPop's famed matte formula lippie stix for a shocking retail price of just $150. That means that you're getting each retractible lip pencil for just $3, which is half of their regular retail price as they're originally priced at $6 a pop. Basically, that's a whole lot of savings.

The big box contains a range of 48 different shades that range from different shades of nudes, pinks, and reds. Each different lippie is available in one of three different finishes: "Matte," a full-coverage, long-lasting matte lipstick; "Matte X," a full-coverage, super matte lipstick; and "Crème," a medium to full coverage lipstick that is ultra creamy and melts onto the lip.

If you want a full look at some of the star lipstick shades that are available in this pack of 48 hues, then read on so you can see what kind of looks you're in for when you purchase ColourPop's Big Box Of Lippie Stix.

Dream Date Lippie Stix

"Dream Date" is a true pale warm nude that will brighten up your pout while complementing your complexion, regardless of your skin tone.

Cherry Bomb Lippie Stix

"Cherry Bomb" is the perfect shade of bright pink lemonade that comes in a creamy texture, so it'll be sure to brighten up any look (and smile) this summer.

Goodie Bag Lippie Stix

This vivid blue pink shade that is the "Goodie Bag" Lippie Stix, is way better than any goodie bag you ever received at any birthday party growing up. The cool shade of pink has a full-coverage, matte finish that leaves a long-lasting color that moisturizes your lips.

Aquarius Lippie Stix

"Aquarius" is a creamy soft pink nude. And just how aquarians are eccentric, this shade of nude is a bit more eccentric than your traditional shade of nude as it has a pink finish to it.

Goldie Lippie Stix

Despite what you may think based on its name, "Goldie" is actually a rich brick red that comes in the super matte, super long-lasting Matte X finish.

Girl Gang Lippie Stix

Your whole crew is going to want to get their hands on "Girl Gang," a muted terracotta rose that comes in a matte finish.

Taurus Lippie Stix

Just like the dependable Taurean, this "Taurus" lippie stix will become your new go-to dependable shade of brown lipstick as it is a matte mid-tone yellow brown.

These eight shades only begin to scratch the surface of the treasures you'll find in ColourPop's Big Box Of Lippie Stix as there's so many others to choose from. So if you find yourself in need of giving your lipstick stash an overhaul, then you'll want to cop the box ASAP, especially as it's current price is so unbelievably cheap.