Kylie Jenner is Launching Concealers & Bible, The Shade Range Is So Diverse

Kylie Cosmetics

I often stay up way too late, go through periods of hormonal breakouts, and don't drink enough water to have that preternaturally dewy look. So when I heard that the new cover-ups from Kylie Jenner could atone for my skin sins, I immediately wondered how much Kylie Cosmetics Skin Concealers cost. Don't act like you don't get it. Even when I'm super diligent with my skin, concealer still reigns supreme in my makeup bag, and I know I'm not the only one.

While just about every fan of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is tuned in to see if Kylie Jenner is indeed carrying a bundle of joy, makeup fans are locked into her social media account, anxiously awaiting more info on the latest beauty drop. Jenner first conquered the beauty game with lip kits, when she had everyone from your cousin to best friend rocking matte looks. Now, it's anyone guess what the makeup mogul will launch next.

On Dec. 5, Jenner teased a three product lineup called The Silver Series. The news first broke when the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram showcased a line of new bullet lipsticks. Today, the brand teased 30 shades of liquid concealer that will launch alongside the lipsticks on Dec. 13.

The Kylie Cosmetics Skin Concealer was designed to provide lightweight, buildable coverage, in order to maintain that is she or isn't she look that's super popular. The brand is making it known that although the formula is lightweight, it provides medium coverage that you can layer with powder for a matte look.

I think that the more malleable a formula is, the more you can do with it, from concealing zits to brightening up dull patches and under-eye bags. If you're into highlighting your face with concealer, that medium coverage will definitely give you a standout look. Jenner took to her Snapchat to show off the product and its doe-foot applicator, which will dispense just the right amount of product.

I wear these every single day. I picked this paddle because it adds the perfect amount of product and you only have to dip it once in the bottle."

I personally love the design. Not only is it super sleek with the glass packaging, but deciding to keep the color palette neutral with silver accents makes the concealers stand out that much more.

Let's be honest though, the real star factor comes from the range of 20 shades, which as you can see, span from the milkiest pale to deep brown. After Rihanna's Fenty Beauty disrupted the industry by launching 40 shades of foundation, it's nice to see brands like Kylie Cosmetics step up their shade offerings as well. If you don't get a precise match in terms of tone, concealer is infamous for actually exacerbating the very issue you want to disguise. Looks like almost everyone will be able to avoid that issue with Jenner's cover-up.

The Silver Series' array of concealers have been in the works for quite some time now. After some digging on Instagram, I noticed that the brand is not releasing the price point, but they are hyping the formula and broad shade range. The Silver Series' lipsticks are clocking in at a totally affordable $17 a tube, so if that's any indication, the concealers will also be within reach. Though I'm dying to know how much these concealers will cost, the marketing that goes into Jenner's brand is unparalleled. When the price is finally announced, I'm not even going to care because I'm more interested in the formula and diverse shade range.

Stayed tuned to Elite Daily Fashion & Beauty to discover the third makeup launch in Jenner's Silver Series, because you know I won't keep you waiting.