Dunkin's Matcha Latte serves up a good amount of caffeine.

Dunkin’s New Matcha Latte Is An Energizing Jumpstart To Your Day

Courtesy of Dunkin'

Now that spring is just around the corner, your fave brands are swapping out winter sips for lighter options, like the brand new Matcha Latte line at Dunkin'. If you're planning a DD run anytime soon, you might be wondering: how much caffeine is in Dunkin's Matcha Latte? The chain's newest refreshments happen to pack a good amount of energy in each sip.

If you're looking for an energizing new drink to put a spring in your step, you'll want to check out Dunkin's new Matcha Latte menu, which debuted in stores on Wednesday, Feb. 26.

The line is perfect for when you're craving something hot or cold that's not coffee, and it's just an added bonus that these sips serve up some serious fuel as well. While you won't be getting quite as much caffeine as you'd get in an iced coffee with these new drinks, the company says you can expect a medium Matcha Latte to contain an average of 120 milligrams of caffeine. To put that in perspective, that number falls somewhere in between how much liquid energy you could expect from an iced tea (being on the lower end) and an iced coffee, which has the most caffeine. In short, it's a great choice that packs a punch in the flavor and caffeine departments while delivering a pretty eye-catching green hue.

Courtesy of Dunkin'

The green tea leaf-based ingredient has become a mainstay in the food and beverage industry in recent years for a good reason. Not only does the trendy powder have some serious health benefits similar to that of green tea, but the flavor is refreshing without being too sweet, making it the perfect accompaniment to your classic latte. Luckily, Dunkin' is finally jumping on the bandwagon, and customers can now treat their tastebuds to the combination of earthy Matcha green tea and guests' milk of choice in the form of a regular hot Matcha Latte, an iced Matcha Latte, or a frozen Matcha Latte.

Speaking of green, the Matcha Latte's signature lime coloring makes it a leprechaun-approved sip as we come up to St. Patrick's Day. I'd keep in mind that Dunkin' has also brought back its Lucky Shamrock Donut as well as an Irish Creme flavored coffee ahead of the holiday, so you have more festive options than ever.