BTS' Jin has two piercings.

The Number Of Piercings BTS' Jin Has Is So True To His Personality

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Jin may be the eldest member of BTS, but his playful demeanor and ever-changing style are forever young. That's why he always causes a stir when he changes his hair color. He can pull off anything, from purple hair to two-toned peanut butter and chocolate-colored locks. Jin, like the rest of his bandmates, changes his hair often. So much so, you might've missed another smaller, yet bold fashion statement: his piercings. If you're wondering how many piercings BTS' Jin has, let's do some investigating.

In recent photos of Jin, it can be super difficult to determine if Jin has a few, if any, piercings because he doesn't wear big and bold earrings often like some of his other bandmates. Jin's style is generally more casual than some of his bandmates, so it makes sense, but don't get it twisted. Jin can definitely rock a bold look when it comes to his ear piercings. Back in the day, he was all about statement jewelry, and ARMYs will never forget it.

Based on photos from past music videos and old seasons of Bon Voyage, Jin rocked up to two piercings in the past, both of which were in his left ear. Check out the photos:

But these photos are from years ago. These days, Jin isn't rocking large earrings as often. He still could in the future, though, if his holes are still in tact. So I did some digging to find out his current piercing count.

Here's a photo of Jin at Gimpo Airport in Seoul, South Korea. It was taken on Nov. 21. Since this is a tight shot, you can make out two holes for piercings in his left ear.

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Here's the right side. It looks like there aren't any piercings in this ear.

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Considering these photos were taken just a few weeks ago, two piercings still looks to be the current number. Since Jin has rocked just two piercings for as long as fans can remember, it seems like it'll stay that way.

Jin's bandmates' piercings are a lot easier to figure out because they actually wear earrings on the regs. You see, Jimin appears to have two piercings in his right ear and three piercings in his left ear, and he loves to show them off. Just look at these cool hoops he sported on Sept. 11.

You can see the three piercings in his left ear better in this screenshot from BTS' "Blood Sweat & Tears" music video.

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And here's Jungkook, showing off his many ear piercings. Based on photos, it looks like he has seven holes, but there's a chance he has up to nine piercings in total (the most piercings in the group).

ARMYs go wild when Junkgook sports all of his dangly jewelry, but Jin usually goes for a more subtle style. He wasn't called the handsome "third member from the left" at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards no reason. Plus, he looks great with or without jewelry, and I'm sure ARMYs will stand by however he chooses to show them off.