If you're wondering how long Pepsi Blue is available, here are all the details on the soda.

Pepsi Blue Is Back On Shelves After Nearly 20 Years, But It Won't Be Here Forever

Courtesy of Pepsi

If seeing Pepsi Blue again is literally a dream come true (even if it's one you didn't know you had), you'll want to grab some while you can. Whether you've already scanned store shelves for the 2000s soda or not, you may be wondering how long Pepsi Blue will be available during its limited-time run. Here's everything you need to know to not miss out on the mystical blue beverage.

Fans have been waiting a long time to get their hands on Pepsi Blue. The cola and berry-flavored soda made its iconic debut in 2002 but was sadly discontinued in 2004. Whether you want it for the Instagram-worthy color or have always wondered what a berry cola would taste like, you may be hoping to get your hands on Pepsi Blue before it leaves stores again. Since there's no telling if Pepsi Blue will be gone for another 17 years once it leaves, it's easy to feel like grabbing some is an ~urgent~ mission.

To avoid the impending FOMO of missing the chance at stocking up, you'll need to be clear on how long the sip is available. Pepsi Blue launched on May 3, and it'll only be available while supplies last until about mid-July 2021. There's a chance it will sell out sooner than the 10-week run, so it's probably best to pick some up as soon as you see it.

Pepsi Blue is available in 20-ounce bottles and 16.9-ounce bottles in 6- and 8-pack options from major retailers like Walmart and Target. You can also get it delivered via Instacart from a local store that carries it, such as Walmart.

Courtesy of Pepsi

Pepsi announced the return of Pepsi Blue on April 22 with some apt audio clip from Eiffel 65's "I'm Blue." The tweet read, "Feels like a good #TBT to announce this – throwing it back to 2002… #PepsiBlueIsBack." But like I said, this sip won't be here forever, so don't sleep on this blue cola.

As you make plans to grab the electric blue sip, remember to check the CDC's latest guidance on social distancing and masking before heading to the store.