This Is Who You’ll Be During Freshman Orientation, According To Your Zodiac

Picture this: It's freshman orientation. You just packed up your entire life, kissed your parents goodbye, and now, a swarm of new students are marching onto campus alongside you. There are banners everywhere, clubs advertising their organizations, and people talking all about Greek life. There are presentations about financial aid, scholarships, and study abroad programs to sit through. You're just as nervous about fitting in as you are excited about all the possibilities that await you. Since astrology can be applied to literally everything, let's talk about how each zodiac sign feels about freshman orientation because, chances are, it'll feel so relatable.

No matter what your zodiac sign is, you're probably feeling a whirlwind of emotions before heading off to college. During my freshman orientation, I was filled with anxiety, passion, drive, and yes, even boredom. I was concerned about making some new friends, stoked about pouring some knowledge into my brain, and scared about finally being away from home for the first time. But the thing that really surprised me was the realization that college wasn't going to be all about parties, dates, and wild activities. I realized time spent between classes would feature a whole lot of studying and less time playing "truth or dare" with my college mates — but I know I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Right now, there's no point in worrying about professors and exams and midterms and majors. Right now, it's time to just enjoy the beginning of a beautiful four years. So if you're wondering how your zodiac sign will likely feel at freshman orientation, keep reading:

Aries: You're Already Thinking About How Your School Is The Best

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You're totally feeling the power of school pride. You've got all the merchandise, you're bellowing the school anthem, and you're ready to take down anyone who disagrees with you. You're talking all about how your school has the best programs, the best sports teams, and the best looking people. Is that someone from your rival school here to start an argument? They better be ready for you because your loyalty is fierce.

Taurus: You're Wondering If Anyone Will Notice If You Leave

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I mean, there are a lot of activities and presentations to sit through at freshman orientation. You just picked up your entire life, moved into a dorm, and you're feeling pretty exhausted. Plus, there are lots of new people around you and they're all going to want to talk. A lot. You're wondering how bad it would be if you just... dipped out? Oh, but wait. There's gonna be food there. On second thought, you can stay for a few more hours.

Gemini: You're Joining More Clubs Than You Can Keep Up With

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You're amazed at all the opportunities to make friends and learn about new subjects. I mean, there's an anthropology class on ancient witchcraft, a music theory class centered on Beyoncé, and you just want to join everything, regardless of whether it matches with your major. Oh, and look at all the clubs you can join. You know you're signing up for every single affiliation because your personality is all over the map.

Cancer: You're Trying Not To Cry Because You're Homesick

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You're still thinking about how sad your dog looked when you said goodbye. Your parents are already driving away and you're barely swallowing back the tears, not to mention missing all your friends from home with all your heart. What if you don't like anybody at college? What if you never get comfortable? Luckily, you're already falling in love with new people and realizing you're going to miss college just as much once it's over.

Leo: You're Already Feeling So Passionate About Greek Life

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These sororities and fraternities are so glamorous, they're all you're thinking about. You're daydreaming of being someone's little and you've already got different Greek letter organizations fighting over who gets to have you. You know you're the talk of the campus right now and you can't wait to show off just how awesome you are. By the time you're done with college, you're going to be a legend.

Virgo: You're Taking Diligent Notes During The Presentations

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It's college time and you can't help but feel nervous. I mean, there are just so many things to talk about, worry about, and concern yourself with. You're taking notes about financial aid, scholarships, and every opportunity available to you. On top of all your responsibilities, you've got to worry about your social life, too. Is it weird to just go up to someone and talk to them? Luckily, you're realizing everyone's in the same boat.

Libra: You're Grooming Yourself For Your College ID Photo

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It's freshman orientation and everyone's going to be there, so you know you want to look your best. You're picking out your coolest outfit, grooming yourself beautifully, and making sure you make the best first impression. Oh, and you definitely haven't forgotten you're getting your ID photo taken today. That photo is going to follow you around for the next four years, so you know you're already deciding how to pose.

Scorpio: You're Hoping You'll Meet Your Next Crush There

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Ever since you were dropped off at campus, you've been scanning for hotties. You simply can't help that you're already in the mood for a romantic hookup. That cutie over there just looked at you for one second too long and you totally noticed. You're definitely walking by them a few more times to make sure they got a good look at you. But wait, there's another cutie over there. College is awesome, huh?

Sagittarius: You're Just Dreaming About Studying Abroad

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You know you just got here but you're already thinking way into the future. The only presentation on your mind is the one about study abroad. Should you scale the Great Wall of China? Or should you write poetry in Paris? You know you can't stay on campus for all four years because there is so much more to be learned beyond the confines of a classroom. You're ready to travel across the world.

Capricorn: You're Already Planning To Come Out On Top

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You're looking at every opportunity available to you in college with the utmost ambition and confidence. You're already planning to become a scholar, get the highest GPA, and also be the top choice for the best Greek letter organization on campus. But, wait a minute. You forgot to sign this form. Wait, where is that form? Damn, you're already falling behind. Can you just start the whole process over? If you're not perfect, you're not in the mood.

Aquarius: You're Stoked For Wild College Memories With Your Friends

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You've heard about all of the many ridiculous and weird things that happen during college and you can't wait to do them all. You've heard there's a haunted building on campus, a top secret student society, and a professor who claims they've been abducted by aliens. You're ready to learn about all of it. You just want to find your eccentric college friends already so you can partake in all the strange, exciting college traditions.

Pisces: You're Daydreaming About How College Will Be

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You've got this totally romantic vision for how college will be. You're dreaming of making friends you'll have for the rest of your life, meeting your soulmate, and discovering yourself. You're not sure if you're an artist, a scientist, or a literary genius, but all of these options sound totally amazing in your mind. Then, you realize freshman orientation is jam-packed with presentations and pamphlets, so you start to space out.