Ummm, No One From One Direction Acknowledged Harry's Grammy Nominations

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Former One Direction member Harry Styles received his first GRAMMY nominations as a solo artist from The Recording Academy on Nov. 24, and Stylers were overjoyed. The British singer had a great 2020, with his record "Watermelon Sugar" hitting No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, cementing the boy-band-breakout as an A-list artist to beat in the mainstream pop world. He was the only former member, however, to receive recognition from The Recording Acadamy, nabbing three nominations for Best Music Video, Best Pop Vocal Album, AND Best Pop Solo Performance, leaving stans wondering: How does One Direction feel about Harry Styles' GRAMMY nominations?

The other members of the once-supergroup also have prolific solo careers in the pop music world, maintaining massive fanbases of their own since One Direction disbanded in 2016. None of them, however, received GRAMMY nominations for their solo works released over the years, except for Styles now. With talk of industry-shaking snubs abound on social media and no shortage of controversies surrounding those who were nominated, one has to wonder if Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, or Louis Tomlinson have thoughts on the Nov. 24 announcement from The Recording Academy.

Well, Horan aired some thoughts on Twitter after all the nominations were out. "SNUBBED," he joked on Twitter with a laughing face emoji. A fan comforted him in the replies, writing, "Niall...you were snubbed tho," but he wasn't in agreement with her.

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"I wasn’t .. I’ll make the music and it’s ok if they decide it’s not Grammy worthy this year. I’ll try my best and hopefully it happens next time or another year," he wrote, causing his fans to respond en masse to the rather defeated tone of the tweet. He responded again by tweeting the next day, Nov. 25, that he "won the Grammys!" What a jokester!

Still, there was no sign on any social media platform of any members of One Direction congratulating Styles on his nominations for Fine Line. If you're worried this means the boys had a falling out, don't jump to conclusions so quickly: Members of the group stayed in touch and supported one another in the past, even teasing a comeback earlier this year. The likely situation at hand is that they all wished him well privately, congratulating him on a job well done via text or DM — or at least that's what a Directioner like me can hope!